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The FBI is starting a new domestic terrorism unit.  It’s not clear what the focus will be, but there’s reason to believe the unit will spend part of its time going after ordinary parents who object to radical school board policies.  This is because, in October, Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to work with local officials to investigate parents who challenge such policies, effectively hanging the label ‘domestic terrorist’ around parents’ necks. 

Here’s the latest in the War on Parents:


The FBI used a battering ram to break down the front door of a woman who has run a website objecting to school board policies since 2018.  The FBI invaded her home while she was homeschooling her children. 

Parents near Detroit held a rally to protest their school district’s “21 Day Equity Challenge” which, among other things, teaches that calling America ‘the land of opportunity’ is a microagression.   The school board thumbed its nose at the parents and said the program would continue.

Education groups in North Carolina objected to an early learning program that teaches “we are all products of a racialized society” and that “Whiteness affects everything … inside and outside the classroom.”  The three- and four-year-olds in the program are being taught to “deconstruct whiteness”.    Parents also criticized the state for hiding the materials. 

A teacher in Indiana was fired after blowing the whistle on the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) concepts in math, science, and other subjects which officials had denied doing. 

Parents were apoplectic at a school board meeting in California after it became known that teachers were coaching 12-year-olds to change genders and were changing children’s names and pronouns without telling parents.  The teachers had renamed the Gay-Straight Alliance Club to an “equality club” to cover their tracks. 

In Illinois, parents will no longer be informed when their young daughters are getting an abortion.

The creator of the 1619 Project repeated the idea that cost Terry McAuliffe the Governor’s mansion in Virginia last November, namely, that parents should have no say over what their children are taught in school. 

A Virginia school district took a parent to court after she filed a freedom of information request for details on how it was spending its $3 billion budget. 

A school board in Texas shut down parents from speaking at a school board meeting and – get this – sent its school police officers to their homes afterwards to arrest them for disorderly conduct. 

A grandmother and two parents were arrested for trespass for attempting to attend a closed school board meeting about a principal who had been arrested for molesting dozens of boys.  They were smeared as ‘insurrectionists’ as they were being hauled away. 

Parents are fighting back with lawsuits and recalls, as well they should.  But as school boards double down on radical Left agendas, one can’t help but wonder where their willing accomplices in the Justice Department and FBI will use their battering ram next.

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