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We have written before about Democrat State Sen. Sarah Trone Garriott. After redistricting, she was lumped in with Republican Senate President Jake Chapman.

Chapman has been a conservative stalwart in the Iowa Senate. He has stood for life, individual rights, free speech, self-defense and just about everything a conservative could want.

Trone Garriott, on the other hand, is championing pornography in schools and the legalized killing of unborn babies. And she’s doing so while constantly pointing out she is a “minister” in the ELCA.

Trone Garriott is the “Sinister Minister” of the Iowa legislature.

Here is a new digital ad she is launching against Chapman, attacking him for his attempts to protect innocent unborn life. She is a “minister,” keep in mind:

Let’s do what we’ve been doing a lot lately — calling abortion what it is. Abortion is the intentional ending of an unborn human being’s life. If intentionally ending the life of an unborn baby is not a “hate crime,” what is?

Yet here we have the Sinister Minister herself, Trone Garriott, attacking someone who is striving to preserve life and protect innocent unborn babies.

According to this “minister,” Chapman is wrong, and those who desire to see unborn babies legally killed are right.

Worse yet, Trone Garriott herself is a mother. A minister and a mother — yet a champion of the legalized killing of unborn babies.

Hard to reconcile that.

But wait, there’s more.

Trone Garriott has refused to answer whether she is OK with books containing images like those found in “Gender Queer” and other books in school libraries. She’s attacked Chapman for his efforts to rid school libraries of these pornographic materials, so it’s fair to assume she supports this garbage being readily available to kids.

And when we call these materials pornographic, we’re not making that call — companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are.

Google flagged the content as adult sexual content. Facebook said it violates its standards on sexual activity. Amazon said those who purchase the books should be adults.

We’re not going to throw images in this story, but if you want to see the images the Sinister Minister supports, visit this story and this one.

In most cases, running for public office is a high calling for those seeking the seat. But in Trone Garriott’s case, it isn’t. And it shouldn’t be.

As a “minister,” there is a much higher calling she should be striving to meet. And she is failing, horribly. This isn’t an attack on her personal life, folks. Nobody is perfect. But this will be sharp criticism of her public policy positions as a “minister.”

We know from the Bible that God knows us before He forms us in the womb. We know God has an active role in our creation and formation in the womb. We know that God prescribes the same penalty for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder — and that penalty is death.

“This law and its punishment clearly indicate that God considers a baby in the womb to be just as much as a human being as a full-grown adult,” says Got Questions. “For the Christian, abortion is not a matter of a woman’s right to choose to have a baby. The baby is already present and living. Abortion is a matter of the life or death of a human being made in God’s image.

“What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God.”

Yet this Sinister Minister is championing abortion. She is making the continued legalized killing of a human being created in the image of God a bedrock issue in her campaign.

As for the Sinister Minister’s championing of pornographic materials in school libraries, she may want to revisit the Gospel of Matthew.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

For Trone Garriott, she should really, really, really — really — reflect on what she is standing for in this campaign. The standard she will be held to while running for office is a little greater as she parades herself as a “minister.”

She should take a timeout from her role as a politician for 15 minutes and reflect on what she is standing for as a “minister.”

There is no Christian argument in support of killing unborn babies or providing pornographic materials to kids.

There isn’t.

And for some Democrats, there may not need to be. But for someone branding themself a “minister,” their eyes should be focused on something much higher than political office.

I hope Sarah Trone Garriott has spent a lot of time reflecting on these positions she has chosen to take as a minister. I hope she continues to reflect, until it results in some form of repentance. Because the positions she is taking on these two issues are anti-Christian, anti-family and pro-death — literally in the form of abortion and figuratively in the form of souls being lost due to exposing children to pornographic materials.

Perhaps she thinks championing these two issues is her best chance at winning this campaign. But I’d ask Sarah Trone Garriott, is she willing to win an election at the expense of children’s lives and souls? 


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