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The Sioux County GOP Central Committee chair, Tammy Kobza, has resigned due to issues related to the way Congressman Steve King has been treated by the Republican Party. The final nail came when Randy Feenstra, the Republican nominee for Congress who is from Sioux County, told Sioux County GOP officials he would not attend the group’s fundraiser in October if Congressman King was present. Feenstra also reportedly said that Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Joni Ernst would not attend either.

Kobza, who also works for Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, said she has been able to get to know Congressman King through the years and, prior to the 2018 election, it became apparent to her that establishment Republicans in D.C. and those within Iowa wanted King gone.

What pushed Kobza over the edge was the pettiness on display even two months after the June primary. Kobza was organizing a fundraiser for the Sioux County GOP that would feature Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn’s lead counsel.

“Unfortunately, when (Randy Feenstra) found out that Congressman King had accepted our invitation to the event, (Feenstra) adamantly insisted that either King not be in attendance or (Feenstra), most likely the Governor and Sen. Ernst would not attend either,” Kobza wrote. “I’ve heard of sore losers, but sore winners? The pettiness!”

For what it’s worth, the Ernst campaign denied she wouldn’t have attended if King were there. However, Reynolds’ staff was not as “clear,” Kobza said.

In addition, Kobza was told two major sponsors who had already committed to the fundraiser pulled out due to King’s presence.

“I found myself in a dilemma,” Kobza wrote. “Do I uninvite a sitting Congressman or bow to these people’s demands? In good conscience, I could not uninvite a sitting Congressman. When the winning candidate couldn’t find it in himself to graciously build bridges with his former opponent; when the funders were no longer part of the program, I had to decide whether or not I could uninvite Congressman King, which I found extremely disrespectful, or resign my position as County Chair. I decided to step down.”

She believes the effort to unseat King started years ago. Kobza pointed to days after King won the 2018 race against J.D. Scholten against a “heavily funded Democrat.”

“I was shocked to hear the Governor state a few days later, ‘he needs to decide if he’s going to represent the people and values of the Fourth District or do something different,’” Kobza said. “My thought was he IS representing our values! How in the world do you draw that conclusion?”

King, Kobza said, has stood for life, defended the country’s borders, looked out for our pocketbooks and Western Civilization. Yet he is painted as not representing the Fourth District?

It wasn’t a new problem, Kobza said. While the GOP platform closely aligns with the country’s founding principles, and Fourth District Republicans support them overall, King has always been at odds with the more “liberal wing” of the GOP.

Even after more than two years of being “lied about, painted as an extremist and slandered by his own Party ‘leadership’ and the media,” King received 1,313 more votes in the 2020 primary than he did in the 2018 primary, Kobza wrote.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy also drew ire from Kobza. She said he removed King from committees for something King did not do.

“Aren’t we as Christians and Republicans to stand up to injustice,” she asked. “It was crystal clear to me globalists were launching the most concerted political character assassination against (King) we’ve ever seen. Since it had not worked against Trump, King (with his similar agenda and forthrightness) became their target.”

It all led to a concerted propaganda effort.

“The lies were huge, nonstop and vicious,” she wrote. “After all, that is a basic strategy of propaganda. Make the lie big enough and constant and even better yet, if you can get the voter to believe it is (the voter’s) original thought, that is a successful propaganda campaign.

“Unfortunately, the attack/propaganda machine was full steam ahead. Attacks that go on long enough eventually stick. The Nazis knew this truth – ‘if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’”

King fell victim to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals — “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

Kobza questioned what “racist” would work hard to pass a Heartbeat Bill that would save so many unborn black and Hispanic babies. What white supremacist would labor to save three Tanzanian children who were severely hurt in a bus accident in their home country? What white supremacist would arrange the necessary Tanzanian and U.S. documents as well as the transportation and logistics of their trip to America.

“Sorry, our Iowa man is no David Duke,” Kobza wrote.

Another unfair criticism of King, in Kobza’s eyes, was the knock he couldn’t raise money. She noted that King still holds the Iowa Republican record for the most money raised in a cycle from when he beat Christie Vilsack.

“But here’s how schizophrenic the voting public can be – at one turn we decry the contamination of big money in politics, but if someone relies on $20 or $50 donations from the citizens of their district, they’re not worth backing,” Kobza said. “Which is it? Is the Fourth District OK with big money funneled to a hand-picked candidate? Are we OK when that carries the day? Now, instead of sending a bold, firebrand back to D.C., we will have someone whose handlers keep him at arm’s length.”

Ultimately, Kobza said King is not what the media – and establishment Republicans – say he is.

“Steve King is NOT a racist, white supremacist, white nationalist,” she wrote. “Steve King is a good, honest man. In nearly two decades in D.C., there has never been one single allegation of anything he said or did that was racist in a closed-door meeting. In addition, he’s a father, a husband and a grandfather. He did NOT deserve this political character assassination.”

However, since King cannot be controlled or handled, Kobza said it was essential to the political culture of today that he be removed.

“Keep in mind the great delusion to make us think that the two parties are rivals,” she said. “If that’s the case, why the unprecedented debt, abortion with us after almost 50 years of battling it and the science proving the unborn baby is indeed a child (keep in mind National Right to Life killed the federal heartbeat bill), homosexuality elevated as equal or even superior to God’s natural law of one-man/one-woman marriage for life, God still out of the school curriculum (the beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord), open borders, Muslims elected to Congress and allowed to be sworn in on the Koran (Islam is in direct contradiction with our Constitution).

“Why are these things happening if Republicans are supposedly upholding our platform? Because many Republicans are NOT Platform Republicans. They are bought-and-paid for RINOs.”

It proves why the Republican Party was formed when the Whigs kept “pussyfooting” around the slavery issue.

“We seem to have two parties with one agenda,” Kobza wrote. “Strong, platform defending candidates need not apply. If Steve King is Exhibit A, Kris Kobach’s recent defeat in the Kansas Senatorial primary would be Exhibit B.”

Kobza wished the central committee members well and thanked them for their participation. She had arranged a number of events since taking over less than a year ago.

None of this is to suggest Kobza is upset with the job President Donald Trump has done. Kobza was an early Trump supporter in Iowa.

“In these remaining three months before the election, we need to do all we can to support President Trump,” she said. “Sen. Ernst’s race is crucial as well as we need to retain the Senate.”

She also said she knows some people will totally disagree with her, but she’s acting on what she believes to be right and true.

“There are many who simply do not like Congressman King’s stances,” she said. “Many of them might have different views or think it is time for a change. I respect those views and that is why I’m sharing where I am coming from and believe it best for Sioux County to find someone who can get behind Randy 100 percent.”

Kobza finished with one last thought.

“Be discerning with the onslaught of media information that comes across your radar every day,” she said. “Stand for what is right and noble. Do not let the tide of public opinion sweep you away down a dangerous current that ends up destroying our nation. Your kids, your grandkids need you to defend America as she was established, not according to the godless, politically correct tides trying to wash our heritage and thus our future away.”

Author: Jacob Hall