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Supervisor Boards of six Iowa counties have now filed an official objection at the Iowa Utilities Board against the use of eminent domain for the two CO2 pipelines Summit and Navigator proposed across thousands of miles Iowa farmland.  Thank you to the Supervisors of Kossuth, O’Brien, Iowa, Hancock, Story and Palo Alto Counties. Without eminent domain it will be impossible for these companies to build these lines.

Ex-Governor Branstad is on the Advisory Board for Summit. He has sent letters to landowners urging them to support CO2 pipelines on their land and warns landowners not to listen to the Sierra Club members who are also against these projects. In an WHO 13 article published December 19 Branstad says, “the Sierra Club is not your friend”. That is true. The Sierra Club would not give two hoots for the land, its rural residents or our economy when promoting industrial wind, industrial solar, their thousands of miles of excess power lines and the federal money being poured into these Green New Deal projects.


As a landowner/farmer on Summit’s proposed route we say that is also true is that Branstad is not our friend. He says he wants to bolster the ethanol industry to offset Climate Change. All we have to do is allow his friends to build projects on our land and allow the government to charge us for it so these “investors” can profit. In his letter he dramatically cries that without these carbon pipelines that our ethanol industry can hardly survive. Isn’t that always the story?

Branstad, you and your cronies are telling us Climate Change is real and you can make it go away if we give you our land and our money. What a scam!! People are waking up. It would be best if you also woke up Branstad and realize that with this pipeline it is you that are promoting Communism. You are supporting the government being “in business” by doling out our collective cash to those it deems worthy. The people who “invest” in these scams by sidling up to the public trough are helping to destroy our economy, destroy our country.

Some people point out that Trump signed this the bill giving way to this CO2 pipeline scam. Others will know what is meant when we say to be wary of any bill Trump signed that is named 45Q. Take heed, Mr. Branstad, the People are taking back control of this country.

Landowners, refuse to sign a voluntary easement. The government cannot take land from all of us or even most of us when we band together. Besides, in this economy we would rather hold the rights to our land than one of the government’s ever-increasingly bouncy checks as inflation skyrockets. Know that for the last 15 years or so there has been a large push to give the Federal government the authority of eminent domain over your property rights, over the individual State’s right to refuse such projects. It seems our current government has an appetite for that idea so hold onto your God-given land, hold onto your God-given rights as we wrestle back control of our lives from a tyrannical government.

Author: Janna Swanson


  1. This pipeline proposal has about the same amount of logic as this rock star in the 70’s that replaced his cattle with buffalo to prevent “ global cooling “!

  2. CO2 is not our enemy folks!! It is not only necessary but ESSENTIAL for us to be able to take in oxygen! Our plants, trees, agriculture, gardens…all living plants take in carbon dioxide, use it and converts it to oxygen, which it releases into the air for men, women, children and animals to breathe in. We use oxygen in all of our bodily processes, we cannot live without oxygen… and then we exhale the carbon dioxide that our lungs have converted. This is called respiration. It is basic to our life. There seems to be a war against any and all natural processes for us people. Stick to what the Good Lord gave us as our immune systems, our natural unprocessed food and clean water, and for heaven’s sake, leave our air alone! We need carbon dioxide in the mix, and we need more of it, not less. Are they trying to kill us off? Sure seems like it. Oh, and we need to pray that the geo-engineering stops as well. They are messing with the weather, hiding our sun, and polluting the skies with barium, strontium, nano particles and aluminum particles. This must stop. Please folks, be aware and get active about our govt. messing with our natural treasures and necessities… Food, health, water and air; they are messing with our lives, our children’s lives and our natural world.


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