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The FBI opened an investigation into attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and faith-based organizations around the country, after 52 attacks in 46 days.  Last week, Jane’s Revenge – the pro-abortion militant group claiming responsibility for some of the attacks – pledged to step up the violence.  In one incident, two masked individuals broke a window and threw a lit flare into a pro-life state legislator’s office in Washington state.  Why were they wearing masks?  If they were proud of their position, wouldn’t they want the whole world to know who they are?  If they felt compelled to mask up, they must have known what they were doing was wrong.  For its part, the White House has refused to condemn the most recent pro-abortion violence or the assassination attempt against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which makes the White House complicit in the violence, as far as I’m concerned.

Abortion isn’t the only issue provoking attacks from the increasingly violent Left, these days.  A Florida Democrat was arrested and charged with five felonies for threatening to kill Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.  Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk received death threats after he was falsely accused of helping January 6th rioters by giving them a tour of tunnels and other key places on Capitol Hill the day before.  The people issuing the death threats didn’t leave their names.  They must have known it was wrong.  A man driving a car with an anti-Trump bumper sticker crashed it into a Trump merchandise store in Massachusetts.


Anti-Trump violence caused YouTuber Keri Smith to leave the Left.  She was troubled by videos showing Leftists attacking Trump supporters.   “There was one video where this mob surrounded this woman, a Trump supporter, and threw eggs at her,” she says. “There was another where they were chasing these guys down the street and throwing bricks at them. They bloodied this guy’s head. This was jarring to me.”  Her friends made light of these attacks, saying things like, ‘Well, some old white men are going to have to die.’” “That was a shock to my system,” she says.  “I started to see all of these think pieces from my social justice echo chamber saying that all Trump supporters are Nazis and that we should not feel empathy toward them,” Smith says.

So she started questioning the Left’s entire belief system.  But when she spoke up, her friends would tell her to sit down and shut up, ‘‘it’s just your white privilege coming through.’

She likens the techniques her Leftist friends were using on her to cult methodology.  Cults control the information environment and tell their members not to investigate anything beyond the slogans the cult gives them.  Everyone in the outside world is wrong. ‘Don’t listen to them, WE’RE your family now, the slogans are all you need.’  Cults also gaslight, that is, try to convince people they’re crazy if they dare to think different – ‘it’s just your white privilege coming through.’  Cults also shun people who try to leave and threaten the members they’ll be frozen out and lose their entire support network if they do.  Keri Smith calls it ‘The Great Unfriending’ where her so-called Leftist friends smeared her online after she spoke up.

This is what thought control looks like.  It’s cult methodology from start to finish.  Keri Smith was a victim of it, until she summoned the courage to leave the Left.  She has a warning for others and offers hope.  “If people don’t speak up in the early stages of an authoritarian belief system, an evil belief system—and I do call it evil—there’s going to come a time when you’re not allowed to speak at all,” she says.  So people trapped in the Left’s authoritarian environment must overcome their fear.  You can do it.  “You don’t have to have a podcast or shout it from a soapbox,” she says. “Just don’t be afraid in your daily life to say what you really think. Then maybe one day you’ll get a message from someone saying, ‘Thank you, I feel comfortable saying this now knowing I’m not alone.’”

If your Leftist so-called friends are doing these things to you, leave them behind and find new friends.  Others have done it before you.  You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last.

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