South Dakota man forcefully removed from school board meeting for not wearing mask, officer draws taser on him

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A trip to a South Dakota school board meeting turned into a criminal activity for a South Dakota man on Monday night.

Reed Bender was identified by the Argus Leader as the man who refused to wear a mask, prompting the board members to call the Mitchell Police Department.

According to the Argus Leader, superintendent Joseph Graves said the board passed a mask mandate and it applies to everyone.

Video of Bender’s encounter with the police is available online.

One person asked if they were “seriously going to do this” when police walked in, adding it is embarrassing.

The police officer said he didn’t want to do it, and Bender said he knows they don’t want to.

“But unfortunately you have to follow this school’s rules, right,” he asked.

The officer said if it is part of their policy that he has to wear a mask then he has to wear a mask.

“So force me out,” Bender said.

The officer explained at that point Bender could face additional charges.

“This is what you are doing,” Bender said to the board. “You are sowing discord within our communities at every level. It’s disgusting. Do you harras your clients when they’re at your restaurant to put on masks? Do you harass them? Do you?”

The officer repeated the possibility of additional charges, and Bender said they’d have to drag him out.

A struggle then ensued as the officers forced Bender out of his chair and onto his feet.

Eventually, an officer draws his taser on Bender.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall