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Allie Beth Stuckey delivered one of the best messages so far at America Fest 2022 on Sunday. Stuckey reminded attendees of President Joe Biden’s speech from a few months ago when he called MAGA Republicans a threat to democracy. And while she said the initial reaction from conservatives may have been one of anger, she said after reflection that Biden was right, conservatives are threats.

Biden tried to say he was talking about a small segment of Republicans, but she said based on the rest of his presidency, we know exactly what he meant.

“He didn’t mean a small proportion of us. He didn’t mean a tiny percentage,” she said. “He means pro-lifers. He means your average conservative. He means people like you and me.”

Her first reaction was to be defensive and ask how he could talk about her like that. But she said as much as conservatives may want to defend themselves against the accusation, we have to realize we are threats to the progressive regime.

“You who refuse to be a mindless drone simply repeating the talking points that you see on TikTok are a threat,” she said. “You who refuse to announce your pronouns are a threat. You who refuse to replace God with the government are a threat. You who read and believe in your Bible are a threat. You who won’t be swayed by the emotional manipulation tactics in the media are a threat. You who get married and have babies and teach them right from wrong. You who question narratives, who pursue virtue, who work hard, who think critically, who value the family and community and goodness and life and beauty – you are a threat to their power and plans.

“Joe Biden doesn’t get a lot right, but he was right about that. You are a threat to their power and plans. You are a threat to tyranny. You are a threat to oppression. You are a threat to lies. You are a threat to injustice. You are a threat to the elites who are hellbent on total control.”

Stuckey called conservatives a boil on the back of dictators, an obstacle to totalitarians, a mortal enemy to communists and fascists and every wicked ruler who “seeks to destroy America for its own gain.”

“You are a threat to the progressive regime that dominates all of our national and even international institutions,” she said. “Academia, public education, our intelligence agencies, the media, big tech, major corporations – even international entities – the UN, the WHO. You are a threat.”

Conservatives are a threat to the indoctrination happening in schools and to things like abortion.

“Without threats like you and the people who came before you and passed the torch to you, Roe v. Wade would still be on the books,” she said. “But because for 49 years pro-lifers waged a relentless war on the evil that is abortion, running pregnancy centers, helping babies and their parents, electing the right people to write good laws and appoint the right judges and justices, Roe v. Wade was finally overturned. Because thousands and thousands of people did not mind being called a threat.”

Stuckey said the pro-life movement is not done and will now push state legislatures to pass laws protecting the “dignity of unborn children.”

“You are right, President Biden, I, we are a threat to the slaughter of unborn children,” she added.

Stuckey also credited Elon Musk for his work with Twitter. She praised Gov. Ron DeSantis for taking at-best-purple Florida and making it into a state that is “deep red.”

“Ron DeSantis did that,” she said. “How did he do it? By not shying away from the culture wars. By doing something that many Republicans historically have been very uncomfortable with and that is using the power available to him to take on corporations – namely the powerful corporation Disney. By going head-to-head with gender ideologues and vaccine manufacturers – doing all of the things most Republicans are too scared to do.”

She said battles can be won, so long as conservatives continue to be a threat to the progressive powers that be if they continue to fight for that which is good, right and true. She encouraged attendees to run for school board, city council and local positions while keeping their church away from the “disaster” that is social justice theology.

“If you start a family, have kids, raise them to be godly and wise and brave. If you infuse light and truth and courage into every sphere that you occupy no matter how big and small. If you take seriously every role that you have and you see it as an opportunity to be a representative of truth no matter how much you’re bullied or intimidated. If you welcome the label of being a threat to evil, then yes, things can change,” she said.


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