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According to the website, Kirkwood students had voiced concerns about professor Jeff Klinzman before he was asked to resign due to his membership with Antifa.

“Way too opinionated and grades fluctuate based on your ideology,” wrote one reviewer on Aug. 20, 2017. “Very little consistency, and he’s often having to struggle to regain his composure after being challenged. He will not admit he made an error, and will punish you for showing him it. Most of the assignment topics were taken from other college website curriculum.”

On the same day, another reviewer wrote, “whatever you do, don’t interrupt him when he’s telling stories about his glory days of protesting, and how much of a rebel he thinks he still is. He’s mean, he’s a bigot, and he’s sexist as heck. He treats the female students who aren’t hairy pitted feminists like they are garbage. He’s arrogant and condescending. Just really a bad instructor.”

In November of 2018 another reviewer said, “either your favorite or the professor you don’t like. Makes jokes; the jokes will at times be offensive depending on your views. Very opinion-based class. You either side with him or he will contradict your views. Active participation required. Lots of reading. I mean LOTS. Picks on students jokingly, depending on how gullible one is.”

Even back in 2011 there was concern. One reviewer wrote, “he needs to think about what the class focus is, not just his personal agenda.”

Another reviewer wrote, “if you only want to write about and talk about race and gender, take this class with him, but that is all you will talk about.”