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Dennis Bush is running for Iowa House District 3. Bush seeks the Republican nomination. Rep. Dan Huseman is retiring. For more information about Bush, visit his Facebook page.

  1. What is the proper role of government:

I believe that Gerald Ford most correctly described my view of the proper role of government as “to secure the rights of individuals and to effect their safety and happiness.”

2. What issues do you consider non-negotiable:

Abortion except in the case of the health of the mother, incest, or rape; Issues that undermine the concept of the traditional family; Marriage as defined as anything other than between a man and a woman; the recreational use of marijuana.

3. What concerns do you have about how the COVID-19 situation was handled by the government, if any:

I believe that Governor Reynolds has done an excellent job in response to COVID-19.  In hindsight, I think that non-essential services could have continued to operate in our more rural counties on an individual county basis until there was an actual confirmed case in that county.

4. At what point do you believe a human life is guaranteed the legal protections of being an American citizen and what would you do to ensure those protections are provided?

Human life should be guaranteed the legal protections of being an American citizen at conception.  Until the US Supreme Court rules differently, I believe that there is little that can be done on this issue outside the Federal level.

5. Would you support a religious freedom and restoration act in the state of Iowa?

Depending on the wording of the legislation, it looks like something I could support.

6. Would you support mandatory E-Verify in Iowa?

I support making it mandatory for all employers to be enrolled in E-Verify.

7. Would you support banning traffic cameras, why or why not?

I have never been a supporter of traffic cameras and would support banning their general use.  Every initial discussion about installing traffic cameras centers around how much revenue they can generate and never about how much their use would improve safety.  Traffic cameras only penalize the registered owner of the vehicle and not the actual driver.

8. What, if any, measures would you support to curb gun violence?

Iowa has one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the nation so we must be doing something right.  I would support allowing county sheriff’s to use their discretion in issuing a permit to carry.

9. What percent of the state’s budget do you believe should go toward education?

One of the problems associated with using income tax and sales tax revenues to fund services is that those taxes can have significant variations from one year to the next.  Covid-19 will likely greatly reduce state revenue in the coming year(s).  I am going to refrain from giving any type of percentage figure as priorities get re-examined.   Funding for education would be a high priority item for me.

10. Would you support education savings accounts?

Again, depending of the wording of the legislation, it would be something I could support.

11. What do you think of Iowa’s current tax structure?

I think that it is overly complicated.

12. Are there any state regulations you would like to see removed?

There are recent sections of Iowa Code requiring Mental Health Regions to implement additional mental health services that they are financially unable to do because of a State-imposed cap that was set back in the 1990s. Either additional funds need to be allocated or the Iowa Code needs to be modified to accommodate the current fiscal reality.

13. What are your views on climate change and what, if anything, should the government’s role be in addressing climate change?

Climate change is real.  What percentage is due to human activity and what percent is due to nature itself is open to debate.   I support biofuels and renewable energy. I support the voluntary sequestering of carbon through the use of financial incentives.  I believe government should support renewable energy alternatives to the extent necessary to discover their fiscal viability.  A smooth and gradual transition away from fossil fuel does much less damage to the general economy than a sudden shift done during the heat of a crisis.

14. Do you support expanding use of medical marijuana? Would you support recreational use of marijuana?

I would support legislation expanding the use of medical marijuana, depending on the wording of the legislation.  I would not support legalizing recreational marijuana.

Iowa House District 3:

Author: Jacob Hall