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The Sierra Club is fighting the carbon capture pipelines proposed throughout Iowa and in surrounding states. It is ironic. The premise of this pipeline is to remove carbon from ethanol and dump it in the ground in order to help save us from Climate Change. The fact that it will be paid for by government funds should make it a Liberal dream. What is even more ironic though is the attitude of some of the landowners along the route. Most of these folks would describe themselves as Republicans, even Christians, yet have been supporting Socialist policies for years. Will they sell the rights to their land to support Climate Change policies if someone pays them to do it? Sure! What if that money comes directly from the government? Fine with them! Their thought is that Capitalism is getting as much money as they can, from whoever they can even if it hurts their neighbors, even if it hurts our country.

That is not Capitalism, it is Socialism and it is how they get you. Inflation is rising, taxes will rise to pay for all these handouts. There is no free lunch. The government grows in order to manage your money and because when they control your money, they control you.

The Sierra Club loves Socialism because they see it as everyone sharing. “Can’t we all share everything? All the money, all of the land?” They see it as building a better world. Liberals are more than willing to let the government take other people’s money for an endless list of social programs that combat every ounce of perceived inequality in the world while ignoring the hurt Socialism causes. People are generally greedy and controlling. We are biased and fearful. Our government is often filled with people who can be swayed by money, fear and power. You can’t change that with policy.

The two biggest problems we have in the United States is the love of money which is how the System games the Right and fear which is how the System games the Left.

In the Bible Belt with its many churches, you would think we would know how the Kingdom of God works. Yet we don’t. Our churches do not tell us what God thinks on money or politics. If they do, many get it woefully wrong like “Woke” churches. Maybe some churches don’t know or are only worried about having enough money to keep the lights on. How are we to spread the goodness and blessings of God if we don’t know, don’t have faith in the goodness and blessings of God? The Lord tells us to not love money or it will become our god. (I Timothy 6:10) He tells us not to fear because He is God. God made and owns everything in this world. Honor Him, obey Him and you will be taken care of. This He has promised in Matthew 6:28.

The Gospel is simple. The law leads to condemnation, condemnation leads to fear, Jesus died so that the wrong every one of us has done could be covered by Jesus’ sacrifice of His own life. When we turn to God and give Him our sin, we are shown His mercy. His Love then destroys the condemnation and fear. The love, joy and peace we feel from His love and mercy pours out of us to bless others. That is the Kingdom of God. This is how our country was meant to work.

Author: Janna Swanson