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Last December we finally took our daughters out of our Clay County school and bought a mountain of homeschool material.  Our family’s last straw was a school-directed study of all the world’s religions for my 2nd grader, right before Christmas. They teach as though each culture has its own religion, their own gods. That is not true. Christianity began in the Middle East, in Israel and has spread all around the world, to every culture. The Lord Almighty is the God of all whether or not they accept Him. Other beliefs that are apart from His Word are not of God.

Schools teach evolution theory like it is science, gender like it is a choice, ban the precepts our country was founded on and give themselves a god-like authority to do so.  I didn’t even consider the school system’s worst offense against my 12-year-old until we started doing spelling at home. My daughter does very well in school but she struggles with spelling. We went through a list of words. Most of her answers were correct. The ones she answered wrong were bothering her until she began to cry.

Full stop.

I asked her why she was crying and it came out. The pressure at school began in 6th grade. They were told basically that if they didn’t receive good grades that they would never find a good job and then be unable to make enough money to have a good life. The computer programs used by the schools did not teach as much as they evaluated with swift, passionless repercussions.

Children need to learn; children need to learn to work but they first need to learn that everything we do should not stem from soul-sucking worry but out of a curiosity and creativeness that glorifies God.

Children should be taught that if they follow Jesus by obeying God’s Word that all their paths will be made straight and He will give them the desires of their heart. Desires He placed there, not the kind of desires the world thinks of.

The schools try to teach the students to be nice, try to teach them to be fair but it is the world’s twisted version of it. Without God there are no absolutes, no guarantees and no freedom.  Our schools, our society and even our churches have deteriorated without the absolute authority of God in the same way everything else deteriorates without direction and authority. Imagine roads with no speed limits or traffic lights. Imagine a place of business with no rules for employee conduct. Imagine cities with no rule of law. Sadly, now we can.

Separation of church and state? It is ridiculous that Liberal teachers can teach our kids any crazy idea but we allow them to ban Godly ideas by calling them “religious”. God made science. God’s laws ARE natural laws. Humans are not animals; we are spirits in physical bodies. There is spiritual law. Spiritual law is God’s domain, not the domain of teachers, school boards, County Supervisors or of our impostor-in-chief. God’s law is over all and that idea is what our entire country was founded on. My daughters never learned that in school either.

The God of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) is the author of fear, worry, poverty, sickness and stress. Jesus is our healer, our provider and our protector. Jesus says, ”My yoke is easy and My burden is light” in Matthew 11:30. Who does not want that for our children?

Author: Janna Swanson