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It comes as no surprise that JD Scholten’s first act as a candidate is to enlist his Hollywood allies to speak for him. He is more concerned with currying favor among the California elites, New York media, and Washington insiders than he is with representing Iowa. But the race next year will not be run in the national media and won’t be won by Hollywood celebrities. The race will be won by the candidate who can speak for the voters of Iowa.

JD Scholten will spend his time joining Randy Feenstra and attacking Steve King. I will continue to win the support of the grassroots who are the backbone of this state who recognize that I am the principled conservative who can beat JD Scholten next November and hold this seat for a conservative Republican and help take back the House of Representatives.


Author: Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor is a former legislator and currently is a Woodbury County Supervisor and candidate for Congress in IA-04. He is a member of the Army National Guard. Use of his job title, rank, or service does not provide or imply endorsement from the Army or Department of Defense.