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I watched Tucker Carlson’s three-part series on Fox Nation called “Patriot Purge.” Having been in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, I’m somewhat fascinated to see how different people “report” on what took place that cold, blustery day.

But what I really wanted to pass along was the interview Carlson showed of Ashli Babbitt’s husband and mother. You can say what you want about Babbitt, but I am not sure how anyone can justify her execution. She was unarmed. Based on eyewitness accounts, there was no warning prior to the gun being shot at Babbitt. She was murdered. To my knowledge, not one single BLM activist was shot and killed by police during riots or protests — whatever you want to call them — in 2020.

Micki Witthoeft, Ashli’s mother, has been referred to as the mother of a “domestic terrorist.” From military veteran to villain, life to death.

“I can’t believe the way this country has demonized her,” Witthoeft said during Carlson’s special. “I don’t even know how she’s able to be labeled as an insurrectionist when nobody’s been charged with insurrection. My daughter was a true patriot and to have her go down as an insurrectionist is just not acceptable.

“She loved this country from the time she was a small child. She was kicking around the idea of going into the military and then when 9-11 happened that just strengthened her conviction.”

Aaron Babbitt, Ashli’s husband, said Ashli wasn’t a protestor or an activist — she was a “proud patriot” and an American veteran who “more than once signed a blank check for her life to go overseas and fight at the behest of these same people that are sitting in Congress.”

“And there is nobody on this planet, as far as I’m concerned, that had more of a right to be there and to make people to her about what was going on in this country that day,” he said.

Witthoeft said Ashli had spent many, many months in “horrible places” while in the military.

“There were days when I was surprised not to get a call that something had happened to her,” she said. “But on the sixth, I was at work and my daughter-in-law called me and it’s just still disbelief. Just, there aren’t words. You have to get from there to here, so you tell yourself there has to be some mistake, this can’t really be what happened.

“When you wake up in the morning there’s a split second where you don’t remember your child is dead and you sort of have to relive it every single day. Every day.”

Aaron said the majority of the violence that took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6 started prior to President Donald J. Trump finishing his speech. Ashli was not in that wave of violence as she stayed for Trump’s remarks.

“She was down there watching her president talk,” he said. “That was the best day of her life She died on the best day of her life.”

Carlson pointed out there is zero evidence Babbitt destroyed any property, assaulted another person or intended to use force of any kind against anyone. Several witnesses said there was zero warning given by the officer who killed Babbitt. And, according to journalist Tayler Hansen, who was near Babbitt at the time of what he called an “execution,” the shooter actually ran away after firing his weapon, which goes against “every police protocol in the book,” he said.

“If you shoot someone, you administer medical aide,” he said.

Keep in mind Babbitt was not an imminent threat to anyone. She was surrounded by law enforcement officers in tactical gear with automatic weapons. Yet she was gunned down inside her nation’s Capitol.

“She’s 5-2, 115 pounds,” said Terrell Roberts, the Babbitt family’s lawyer. “She was unarmed and she was a protestor. And in this country we don’t shoot protestors. This shooting would violate any department’s policies prohibiting the use of deadly force.”

Hansen said he felt “hopeless” as Babbitt died in front of him and he was unable to do anything to help her.

“I was told that these professionals were supposed to help her and then they watched her bleed out,” he said. “Then they carried her down the stairs upside down like a dead dog.”

Witthoeft said at first she couldn’t sleep enough to dream, but once she was able to sleep enough to dream, she had a dream Ashli was in jail. She tried getting her to come home, but Ashli said she has to be there for the people locked up in prison for their role in the Jan. 6 protest.

“She is just as concerned about her fellow patriots as she is for herself,” Witthoeft said. “I know that that was a real message. I know it was. We need to do something for the people we can still do something for. She feels that way. I feel that way. America should feel that way.”

Imagine if an unarmed under-sized woman was shot and killed by police without warning while protesting at a BLM gathering. Now, imagine it was a white cop who shot the protestor. In this case, it was a black officer who shot the unarmed white military veteran.

Democrats would not rest until “justice” was served. The name of the victim would constantly be on the lips and social media feeds of Democrats. Yet few Republicans are making an issue of the Babbitt murder and seem more than content to turn the page and ignore what took place on Jan. 6.