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WHEREAS, The 2016 Iowa Republican Party platform states, “The Right to Life shall be understood to include all people from conception to natural death,” and;

WHEREAS, the overwhelming majority of Republican Senators and Representatives deserve sincere appreciation for their hard work on the issue of life and standing for the unborn who otherwise have no voice, and;

WHEREAS, Iowans for LIFE and the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life leaders worked overtime in an attempt “to budge a few recalcitrant legislators to no avail” to bring a constitutional amendment to the floor declaring neutrality on the issue of abortion, and;

WHEREAS, with a 53-seat majority, House Republicans witnessed 3 hold-out members and incredibly lacked the 51 votes necessary to pass the amendment while the Senate passed the amendment 32-18 with every Senate Republican supportive, and;

WHEREAS, the proposed constitutional amendment merely states that nothing in the Iowa Constitution can be construed as providing a fundamental right to an abortion or the public funding of abortion, and; 

WHEREAS, time and again legislators have argued for the vehicle of a constitutional amendment to pass on a variety of issues under the auspices of the adage “let the people decide” and the failure of the legislators responsible for the Iowa House under Republican control falling short of this threshold mistrusts the will of the people on the issue of interpreting or making clear what they intend their Constitution to mean, and; 

WHEREAS, the courts subverted the Heartbeat Bill and the 72-hour waiting period through judicial activism undermining law passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate and signed by Governor Reynolds, and; 

WHEREAS, the courts did so by construing an inherent right to an abortion by judicial fiat, not by interpreting the Constitution, and;

WHEREAS, central committees and their members, pro-life Republicans and conservative independents, and people of faith in our pro-life community may contribute funding to the Republican House Majority Fund or the Republican Party of Iowa and these dollars may go from various “safe” candidates who may in turn contribute dollars to the party and see these same dollars re-allocated to seats in jeopardy, and;

WHEREAS, believers in the sanctity of life have made great efforts to ensure that as a matter of conscience and social responsibility that their tax dollars do not go to abortion-providers here at home to Planned Parenthood or to overseas abortion providers through the “Mexico City policy” supported by President Trump, so pro-life individuals must have absolute assurance no dollars will be spent “in kind” or directly contributed to any race for these legislators so that pro-life contributors can financially support without reservation; 

NOW, therefore, be it RESOLVED that we petition the leadership of the House Majority Fund, the Republican Party of Iowa, and all Republican candidates from the Iowa House, Iowa Senate and statewide office to ensure that any money contributed will not support anyRepublican candidate who has refused to support both the Heartbeat Bill and the Constitutional Amendment also known as the “Protect Life Amendment,” or the “abortion neutrality amendment.” 

We hereby further resolve and petition that no candidate for office be supported financially who cannot support these measures. 

We respectfully ask for assurances in writing from the Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley, Majority Leader Matt Windschitl, President of the Iowa Senate Jack Whitver, and Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufman and Co-Chair Cody Hoefert on this matter and offer our sincere thankfulness for their anticipated continued support for the cause of life.