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On Monday, an Iowa Senate subcommittee passed the proposed Life Amendment to the Iowa Constitution that simply states there is no right to an abortion or taxpayer funding of abortion in our state constitution.

Here are some of the lowlights from the subcommittee from those who support abortion.

*Leah Vanden Bosch called SJR “offensive legislation.” 

“I could not have been more horrified at the thought of continuing with a pregnancy,” she said. “A person does not lose value when they become pregnant…I am so tired of continuing to argue my worth and the quality of my life with my state lawmakers.”

Oh, Leah. If only an unborn baby could talk…

“A person does not lose value when they are created.”

Think of the 63 million unborn babies, including your own, who were never allowed a chance to “argue” for their “worth” because they were aborted.

For those 63 million unborn boys and girls, there was no quality of life. Just a life cut short — more than 63 million of them.

*Frieda Bequeaith told legislators she is a “better and stronger person today” because of her abortion. 

She said she was raped when she was a teenager and carrying her rapist’s baby to term would’ve killed her.

“It’s clear you don’t see women as autonomous beings who deserve control over our bodies,” she said. “So I’m not going to grant you the privilege of hearing my story again today.

“I have the right to receive the healthcare I need and I have the right to make decisions about my future. I should feel protected in Iowa to get an abortion if I need one because I have medical autonomy over my body, just like we all should.”

She called the Life Amendment “legally and ethically wrong.” And that women have been having abortions for as long as they’ve been getting pregnant.

In her defense of a woman’s “bodily autonomy,” she totally bypasses any such autonomy for the unborn baby boy or unborn baby girl in a mother’s womb.

And, for the record, calling the legislators on the subcommittee “three old cis gross white men” was a bold move.

*Jean Swenson told the lawmakers that there have been abortions “since the beginning of time.” 

And that no legislation will stop abortion.

Similar comments to that of Frieda. But can I just ask what legislation has stopped any behavior that is illegal?

Murder is outlawed — still happens. Stealing is outlawed — still happens. Drug use is outlawed — still happens.

The list goes on.

Just because something will continue to happen if it is illegal doesn’t mean it should remain legal.

That makes no logical sense.

Anyway, Swenson called maintaining legal abortion a “justice issue.” She then said it is one more example of privileged people controlling the lives of others.


It is a justice issue. And it is an example of “privileged people” controlling the lives of others. It’s an example of “privileged people” choosing to end the lives of others.

Swenson said it is “the most egregious attack on our rights.”

*Planned Parenthood’s Jamie Burch Elliott called it one of the most extreme attacks in Iowa history.

She said rather than protecting innocent unborn life, lawmakers should address the state’s “bungled response to the pandemic and social justice issues.”

Burch Elliott typically has ashes on her forehead on Ash Wednesday at the Capitol. Yet she doesn’t even realize that putting an end to the legal killing of unborn boys and girls is the social justice issue of her time.

She is on the wrong side of the most significant social justice issue of her lifetime and she doesn’t even realize it.


*Laura Hessburg of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence testified against — AGAINST — the Life Amendment.

What is more violent than abortion?

*Jaylen Cavil of Des Moines Black Lives Matter went right into it.

“I’ll start my comments first by publicly apologizing on behalf of every man who spoke on this call in support of this bill who will never be pregnant in their life,” he said.

Whoa. Whoa. Did he just assume the gender of every person he perceived to be a man before him?

I wasn’t aware as a society we were able to do such a thing anymore.

And is Jaylen suggesting that only women can become pregnant?

I mean, I’ve seen the headlines…

“The dad who gave birth.”

“Trans dads tell doctors: ‘You can be a man and have a baby.”

“How transgender men can get pregnant.”

Jaylen is clearly on the wrong side of history if he believes only women can be pregnant. That idea may be the most bigoted idea of 2021. It is so old-fashioned and so backward.

And it flies in the face of liberal progressivism.

On a more serious note, Jaylen, perhaps you should’ve apologized on behalf of every person already been born who spoke during the call and will never be aborted in their lifetime.

Easy to argue for abortion when you are already out of the womb.

His suggestion of banning Republicans from Iowa is just a line of agitation thrown in to receive notoriety. So, congrats. It worked.

*Rita Carter professed to be representing the United Methodist Church. Yet she advocated against the Life Amendment.

And, in her advocacy for abortion, she said she was “glad” that her own daughter had the option of thinking about “other options” (abortion) during her pregnancy.

What a heartbreaking thing to hear from a woman identifying as a member of a church.

I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow a grandchild must feel when they read that their own grandparent was “glad” that their mom had the option of abortion during their pregnancy.

I recognize the pain and hurt that some who testified against the Life Amendment have experienced in their own lives when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.

But I also recognize the fact that life begins at conception and that isn’t an “opinion” — it is a scientific fact.

My hope and prayer is that one — just one — of the individuals listed in this story realizes the error in supporting the legal murder of unborn babies in our state. That just one of them has that necessary “Come to Jesus moment” in which they are hit with the truth that only the Holy Spirit can bring and they cry out for repentance from the Lord. That they stake claim to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for each and every one of us while we were still sinners.

And then that one person is able to go out into the world and do work for the Lord. That their testimony may save one life, then another, and another and another.

And, most importantly, they lead others out of darkness and into light.

I say that as someone who was there once. I too supported abortion rights when I was younger.

I was wrong.

Every time I hear individuals — especially individuals who claim to believe in the Bible or Jesus Christ — speak in support of abortion, all I can think about are the words of Jesus on the cross.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Author: Jacob Hall