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I know that Washington D.C. is a liberal place. I get it. I know.

But, as our nation’s Capitol and with so many government functions being run out of D.C., is it really asking a lot to wonder if we could have some sort of Republican influence in the District?

I’ve never paid close attention to D.C.’s presidential elections before. Mainly because their result was never in doubt and secondly because they have few electoral college votes.

But when thinking about D.C. and all the important things that occur there, you would think there’d be some Republicans.

I looked at the map this year and saw Joe Biden won Washington D.C. He won 92.9 percent to 5.5 percent.

That is just jaw-dropping.

That is the swamp.

That is the place where our nation’s leaders go and just imagine the influence they must have in a place where 93 of every 100 people voted for Biden and only 5.5 voted for Trump.

That is crazy.

And I am not quite sure how on earth that can be fixed.

But when you look at the surrounding areas, it’s almost as lopsided. Some of these folks undoubtedly work in D.C. There’s a clear monopoly of thought when it comes to D.C. and it isn’t healthy for the nation.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall