TIS talks with Kayleigh McEnany, Trump campaign spokesperson, about Women for Trump bus tour in Iowa

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The Iowa Standard was able to interview Kayleigh McEnany, the national spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s campaign, after the first stop on the Women for Trump bus tour in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday.

Additional stops are planned for Friday in Davenport and Cedar Rapids.

“We’ve got a big tour coming up,” McEnany said. “It’s important to get the good news of the Trump presidency out. Literally tens of thousands of jobs created here after jobs were hemorrhaged under President Obama. President Trump’s reversing the tide.

“People have hope in Iowa. They have access to the American Dream like never before. But it’s all reversible should socialism win. And whether it’s Biden, or Bernie, or Elizabeth Warren, a radical left agenda will destroy the Trump economy.”

More than 200 people attended the event, which started at 10 a.m. on Thursday amid -7 degree temperatures.

“It wasn’t just the turnout, it was a turnout of women,” McEnany said. “They say women for Trump do not exist. The media tells us that. I’m a former CNN commentator, and I’ll tell you, the fake news man, they’re really fake. They say that those women in there don’t exist, but they do. They say that they don’t exist in Minnesota and in Wisconsin and in these key swing states, but they do exist in huge numbers and they’re turning out.”

McEnany said 60 percent of the jobs Trump has helped create have gone to women. She also talked about paid family leave.

“This President’s paved the way for paid family leave so moms and dads can stay home with their children for that really important crucial time when they have a newborn. Now 2.1 million federal workers have access to that,” McEnany said. “People are turning out in big numbers because this president is winning and it’s really important to share the good news. That’s why we’re here and people are turning out to hear it.”

Impeachment, McEnany said, has not impacted the campaign. However, it has fired up Trump’s base.

“It has put a fire under our supporters,” she said.

McEnany said she was at the Trump rally in Battle Creek, MI the night Trump was impeached.

“The President was there, undeterred, on the stage, talking to the American people and I’ll tell you, they’ve never been more motivated,” she said. “I go to all of these rallies, I’ve never seen a crowd so enthusiastic, so encouraged to show their support for this President. So Nancy Pelosi has put a fire under this President, under our donor base, and it’s really backfiring on the Democrats. There’s just no doubt.”

Trump supporters are coming out of the shadows, partially due to the impeachment.

“Look, there are hidden Trump voters across this country,” McEnany said. “I meet them every day, who whisper their confessions of support in an airport or at a restaurant. There’s a lot of hidden Trump voters, and we love our hidden Trump voters, but we’ve got to be bold, we’ve got to speak out, we’ve got to share the good news with our friends, with our neighbors, because turning out is so important. Delivering new voters for President Trump is so important.

“We don’t just want to win Iowa again, and I think we will, we want to win in more states. We want Minnesota. We want New Hampshire. We want New Mexico. We’re on offense. We’re going to make this map redder than ever before, but we can’t do that without volunteers, without bold, confident voters who want to willingly share their support for this President.”

It’s a big, bold plan — just the type of plan suited for a big, bold President.

“Be big, be bold, follow in the footsteps of President Trump,” McEnany said. “I know it’s not easy to be a Trump voter. The media doesn’t make it easy. But President Trump makes it very easy when you see what he goes through, when you see his boldness — it’s contagious. That boldness has come on to me and it’s coming on to voters across the nation to be strong and share the good news.”

Author: Jacob Hall