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On Monday morning, my employer, American Principles Project, announced that its affiliated PAC (APP PAC) would be launching a $10 million political campaign across at least six battleground states, including Arizona, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

As part of this announcement, we released our first ad, which targeted Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her support for obscene, sexualized content in Michigan schools and libraries.

We also posted the ad to Twitter, where it was soon censored:

The ad features images and excerpts from the controversial book “Gender Queer,” which is available as a “kids resource” in Michigan public libraries, along with other controversial books depicting children being groomed and molested, including “Lawn Boy” and “Flamer.” That last one, available for checkout in the Michigan eLibrary database (MeL), shockingly includes a depiction of several minor boys ejaculating into a Mountain Dew bottle and then coercing another boy into drinking it.

There’s no legitimate case for Gretchen Whitmer’s ignorance in all of this, even if she has been smart enough to remain silent on the issue in an election year. The MeL is funded by the Library of Michigan, a state-run library that also receives federal funding via the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Multiple media outlets have reported on a local community in Michigan attempting to defund its public library over the obscene books. Whitmer has the power as governor to prevent kids from accessing these books, and she has refused to use it — for obvious reasons. Whitmer has endorsed all sorts of pro-LGBTQ legislation and is supported by the radical anti-family Human Rights Campaign. Whitmer wants the books in the library system, and she wants them in Michigan public schools.

A few hours after the APP PAC ad was posted to Twitter, and after hundreds of #GroomerLeft activists came out of the woodwork to criticize it and report it to Twitter Safety, Twitter flagged the tweet with a “sensitive content” label. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, some users — mostly users who interact frequently with the @approject account — are still able to see the ad, but most users see a gray box blocking the tweet that alerts users that “This Tweet might include sensitive content.” I grabbed the below screenshot from my @BigTechFunding account, which happens to follow @approject:

Twitter offered us a chance to appeal. We did our best to provide context within our 300 character limit:

This is an ad being run by a super PAC spending millions of dollars. It is aimed at protecting children from a dangerous movement that seeks to do them harm. Even if you disagree with our argument as an institution, there’s a public interest in seeing this content. Why hide it if it’s safe for kids?

We obviously don’t expect Twitter to change course. After all, our ad really does contain sensitive content! Yes, we blurred the obscene images in the “Gender Queer” book, but it’s still graphic material that isn’t safe for work and isn’t safe for children. Maybe if Twitter applied its policies equally across the board, and didn’t just apply them to a conservative organization trying to highlight the awful material being pushed on kids in schools, this might have been a laudable content moderation decision!

But at this point, we’re not stupid. We know our enemies. Twitter doesn’t care about sensitive content — it’s a repository for some of the most disgusting and obscene content on the Internet! No, Twitter censored our ad because left-wing activists demanded that it be censored. The real question is: why is that?

Normal people understand the hypocrisy here. How can passages from a book be too sensitive for social media, but just fine for kids to access on their own without their parents knowing?

But the folks who buy into this particular cult are not normal. They’ve abandoned all pretense of principle, instead adopting an ends-always-justify-the-means approach to their political project.

Read through the quote tweets and you’ll find a series of nonsensical, albeit entertaining arguments from #GroomerLeft activists:

  • The book is not in Michigan public libraries and APP PAC is lying.
  • The book is in Michigan public libraries because LGBTQ kids deserve to have access to this type of material.
  • Opposing this type of content is discriminatory and hateful.
  • This is “sensitive content” and it should be banned from Twitter!

Why are these people all over the place? Why are so many of them simultaneously making arguments that are diametrically opposed to each other? Let the meme man explain:

Remember this guy from college?

The real story isn’t about social media censorship. The real story is that the #GroomerLeft has one goal — separating kids from their parents physically, ideologically, and spiritually — and they are willing to constantly lie and gaslight in order to achieve their desired end.

Because of that total lack of principle, these individual activists often get their messaging mixed up. No matter. Achieving the end is what’s important, and they can all agree on that. They want kids accessing obscene content. They want kids being introduced to sexuality at an early age and groomed into kinky and often bizarre sex cultures. They want to limit parental rights and break up the parent-child relationship so they can manipulate and control the next generation. That’s what this is all about. That’s the point of the grooming.

And they support censorship of dissenting voices for one reason and one reason only: power. Because of their outsized control over our nation’s most influential institutions, including the education system, the #GroomerLeft has been one of the most successful political movements of the past century. They took everything over seemingly overnight — and opposing them is damn near impossible for any one person on their own. The idea that there will someday be an uprising and a rejection of this ideology within these institutions is extremely naïve.

But there is still a powerful force that can defeat this movement: the voters. Democracy is what scares these activists the most. Democracy is the only thing that can possibly stop them, which is why censorship is so important. If voters ever figure out what the #GroomerLeft is doing, they’ll elect leaders who will do everything in their power to stop it from happening. Nonsensical as it may sound to normal people, it makes plenty of sense within the cult: the only way to save Our Democracy is to thwart democracy.

The good news? The American people are waking up. The anti-groomer movement is energized. And the cavalry is coming.

Author: Jon Schweppe


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