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Tucker Carlson spoke extensively about the COVID-19 vaccine situation. He said he is “truly horrified” on a “real level.”

“I’ve become totally intolerant of it because it’s too much – it’s too cruel,” he said. “It hurts too many people. Nobody wants to say this, but you know, obviously it’s class war against the weakest people. The vax stuff is about punishing people who have no one to protect them. And I’m completely sick of it. I’m going to start selling mugs that say ‘Natural Immunity.’ Because if you’re naturally immunized, you earned it. And some people really earned it at a high cost. And you should be proud of it. You shouldn’t let anybody make you feel bad about it, boss you around about it, make you do anything you don’t want to do. So, I look at that and I’m like ‘what is this?’ Telling five-year-olds to get this drug? Who would do that?”


Another dynamic of the situation is people are making decisions and they’re too far from the effects of the decisions.

He pivoted to what he called the “single most important task” in life.

“To raise up people to replace you, that’s why you have children. So your family continues after you die,” he said. “That’s the whole point. That’s the point in the natural world. Animals don’t question this. They don’t think it’s better to work at Citibank than to have kids.”

Carlson said the most basic desire is to leave something behind.

“Every human wants that – that’s the most basic thing to want,” he said. “It is. It is. That’s so obviously true that it kind of makes you wonder why no one ever mentions it.”

He talked about the questions every person running a country must ask – is there enough food, is there clean water, is there enough energy, etc.

“If you live in a place where no one asks any of those questions, something has gone wrong,” Carlson said. “If they’re talking about pregnancy flight suits, which we are, because that’s what they’re interested in, maybe there’s some denial in progress. And on the individual level, the questions that really matter – how are my children? Are they happy? Are they thriving? Are they independent? Are they all of those things? Will they find a mate so they can do what I did to create them in the first place? The last question is, oh, by the way, die, I’m going to die, what happens next?

“Those are the questions that have transfixed every society from the moment we left caves and probably even before. So, if we have a place where no one even mentions any of that, like at all, and people are telling you the coronavirus is the most important thing to happen in history – no it’s not. The only reason it’s a world-historic event is because of our overreaction to it. Period. What really matters is family, your children, continuing your family after you’re gone and what happens after you’re gone. Like those are equal questions. If you haven’t even addressed those, you’re a fool.”

Carlson said it is almost by design Americans are prevented from asking those questions or thinking about them deeply.

He also advised those in attendance to take time every day to sit and listen for a half hour.

“Sit alone. Try to listen,” he said. “By listening, I just mean being quiet. Turning off the crap that’s coming over your phone and begging you to turn away from the things that actually matter. You don’t have to become a monk or anything – you can still engage in the world. Just take a minute to be quiet and to listen for what you hear. And it’s amazing. Things sort them out a little bit. And you begin to realize that, Twitter’s ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous. The farther you get away from the noise, the more clearly you see it and the more obvious it is.”

Carlson said nobody actually wants to be the vice president at Citibank with a 16th-floor apartment on a crumbling metroplex.

“Who actually wants that,” he said. “Nobody really wants that. But it’s only until you step away a little bit that you realize that that’s not what you want. Those are not your heart’s desires. Those are not natural desires. Those are manufactured desires.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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