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The low-IQ logic of sniveling wokesters is on full display when they whine and complain about people being mean. It’s not irony. It’s tragedy.

It’s tragic to see the obvious idiocy and flawed logic come to fruition and be exposed in the light. These are the same people who spent endless days justifying the fiery destruction of cities under the banner of justice. They tried to convince you that your “white-guilt” and “white-privilege” were getting in the way of your thinking. They’re happy to see small businesses torched if the owners do not confess the intersectional woke religious Credo. These are the people sneering that we need more electric vehicles and light-rail while drinking up the donations of the UAW. They are in our school board meetings saying, “Trust the experts.” And then the expert Teacher’s Unions hold our schools and kids hostage to a broke system of thought. All of these experiences, though, are often far away from us in Iowa. Thank God for that. But, there are glimmers of this broke-down jalopy thought oozing into our little towns.


One recent experience I’ve had with low-IQ lefties was learning that some of our elected school board leaders in Oskaloosa wanted to approach my employer and out me as mean. That’s right. I sinned grievously. Was I teaching false doctrine? Had I engaged in a devious life contrary to biblical truth? What was my egregious sin? Being open and unapologetic in public about the shortcomings of our School Board and District. I had a direct conversation with a Superintendent candidate. That candidate relayed my direct and unapologetic comments to some school board members. At least one of those board members began spreading around his jellyfish canceling scheme to other people in the community seeing just how much support there might be. Thankfully, other than this person’s idiocy being my friend, I had competent friends from the community who began calling me letting me know what was going on. One of which this guy allegedly approached in a store with his proposition, even though he denied doing it.

After I stopped laughing at the tragically juvenile attempt at soft cancel culture, I conversed with every board member whose name had been attached to the scheme as well as the acting Oskaloosa Superintendent at the time. I even called the Superintendent candidate I had chatted with who was the apparent source of information. He assured me he simply relayed the seriousness of the conversation, nothing more. When I mentioned what was happening, he assured me he did not endorse in any way the attempts to meddle in my professional life. Most of the Osky Board members I talked with denied their involvement in any such canceling scheme. I believe them. However, one Osky School Board member admitted that he had embraced the idea of trying to cancel my pastoral ministry at the Church I serve, or at least trying to get me in trouble. How tragic to be a grown man and admit that you were planning to get another man in trouble because you thought he was being mean. Frowny face emoji with a tear drop tragic.

I was very open to how much I would love a collective meeting with my congregational leadership where this board member could present his case for my public sin. In fact, I offered to assemble every Pastor within my geographic zone as well as my geographic Synodical Presidium to consider the weighty accusations. “No, no, I don’t think there is any need for that.” I believe is what he said.

Immature and unreasonable people always try to get us to believe they’re a resolute and impeccable force with unlimited power. They fling their emotions around, make threats, and whine. But really, they’re sniveling losers who whine about meanness and unfairness, and when no one listens they shut up and go away butthurt realizing how small they are. I am saying this because I have heard too many good people in Oskaloosa talk as if they’ll be destroyed for taking a public stand. It’s just not true. We need these morons to feel their ineptitude more-and-more, which means good people in our communities need to come out as unapologetic supporters of what’s good, right, and true. Have some courage. Maybe you will lose a customer or two. Maybe. Who cares. What you lose, you will probably gain back and more. I have lost little and gained much in the last year. Maybe I do have less to lose since I am not a local. Maybe. But, I have made so many new friends and continue to meet new people who know my name even though we’ve never met in person. These lefties are not as strong as they’ve tried to make themselves out to be. They’re elementary school playground bullies at best. Kick some sand in their face and make them run away crying telling everyone how mean you are for standing up to them and their bogus posturing.

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