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Another Trump Boat Parade will take place in Dickinson County on Saturday, Aug. 15. The parade will be held on Big Spirit Lake this time.

Last week’s event at Okoboji drew more than 1,700 boats.

Barbara Clayton, Dickinson County co-chair, said she expects a smaller crowd due to logistics, but believes there could be as many as 500 boats on the water.

Clayton has been selling mainly Trump 2020 flags, but also a few hats and some Women For Trump flags. She’s sold about 385 Trump 2020 flags since mid-July.

“I started out with 25 flags and was hoping I could sell those,” she said. “Then it just kind of went crazy.”

The parade will begin at 1 p.m. near the spillway. It will head up the west shore and around the lake. Clayton said it will be more of a no-wake pace and likely take two hours.

“But we’ll go until everybody’s done going around the lake,” she said. “It could be until 3, it could be until 4.”

Last week’s event at Okoboji drew more than 1,700 boats. The enthusiasm for Trump is reflected in that event as well as the aftermath.

“We’re still seeing a lot of support,” Clayton said. “And we’re getting a lot of hits on our Facebook page. People are liking the pictures and commenting and I think the energy level is just really high.”

And it isn’t just the usual suspects.

“The thing that we’re seeing is, we’re seeing a lot of new faces,” Clayton said. “People may have been Republicans in the past or Independents, but now they’re getting more involved. They see this as a pivotal election and they’re ready to make their voices heard, be more active and supportive.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall