The Iowa Standard was able to be part of a media conference call Thursday morning with Eric Trump. During the call, breaking news was announced that in the last 24 hours, President Donald Trump’s campaign had received more than $3 million in small-dollar donations in the 24 hours since the impeachment hearings have begun.

“The American people are behind this President,” said moderator Rick Gorka. “We’re going to make this known to them and make Democrats pay for this at the ballot box next year.”

Trump said the hearings are not offering proper procedure.

“This isn’t due process,” he said.

He also expressed surprise that Congressman Adam Schiff claimed he did not know the identity of the whistle blower during Wednesday’s hearing.

Trump said Schiff should be one of the first witnesses in the Senate if impeachment moves into the chamber. He should be asked under oath if he helped the whistle blower.

“I deal with a lot of lawyers every single day, I can tell you some average civilian or person who is not a career lawyer did not write that letter,” Trump said. “That clearly sounded like it was a letter written, probably, by one of these characters.”