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President Joe Biden’s foreign policy was a large target for Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday during his speech at America Fest. Trump hit the target over and over and over. And over. Again.

The former President’s son drew a distinction early in his speech about the importance of recognizing the difference between the leadership of the FBI and the door kickers – or the guys who carry the guns.


“Talk about an agency who has lost its way,” he said. “Last week, six FBI people came up to me. I was like, ‘what did I do now?’ It was exactly the opposite. They came up to me and apologized. We have to make the distinction between leadership and the door kickers. They’re more ashamed than we all are of what’s happened to the leadership.”

And, he said, the same Leftists have infiltrated all aspects of our government institutions.

“And that is because we have allowed it to happen,” he said.

But conservatives are the “frontline of freedom and liberty.”

“If we band together, we can take on these institutions,” he said. “But we’ve got to do it together. That’s where we’ve gone wrong for a long time. If we get together, they cannot cancel us all.”

Trump said turning the other cheek has gotten conservatives nothing.

“It’s gotten us nothing while we’ve ceded ground in every major institution in our country,” he said. “We’ve given up academia. We gave up pop culture. And, by the way, a lot of the people in pop culture, they don’t believe the BS they’re selling. I promise you this. But there is no consequence to selling it.”

In addition, the Left has sports as well.

“The grooming grounds for our children,” he said. “They’ve taken over the upper echelon of law enforcement. Who in America gets prosecuted and who is – ‘nothing to see here.’ It’s a disgrace.’”

He discussed how inept decisions surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal were. Disagreeing about policy is fine, but Afghanistan was the issue that left Trump questioning what happened to America.

“We have generals,” he said. “General Milley, he testified before Congress. ‘I could not have seen this coming.’ Really? Like, you’ve been there for 20 years, you could not see this coming? You know who could’ve seen it coming? Everybody. If you could not have seen this coming you not only should not be in the military, you should not be in military leadership, you should probably not be in charge of a Mcdonald’s. Everybody saw it coming. My eight-year-old saw it coming. But, again, there’s no consequence to losing wars.”

However, there are consequences for “not being woke enough,” he said.

“They really want you to learn about white rage,” he said. “This is a term that none of us had even heard of. They’re making up stuff as they go along to justify the nonsense. And then they’re going to preach Critical Race Theory. I’m not sure how that makes us better warfighters.”

Trump criticized the idea of kicking out Marines who refuse the vaccine, saying they’re likely in peak performance shape and not susceptible to COVID.

“You see fighter pilots resigning,” he said. “The most elite warriors say, ‘you know what, we’re just not doing it.’ You start to wonder, is that on purpose?  It’s almost as though they’re doing it on purpose because they don’t care about winning wars.”

The Air Force put out a new logo for its diversity, equity and inclusion program. Trump isn’t a fan.

“Again, it’s not about giving everyone an equal shot to succeed, it’s about guaranteeing an equal outcome,” he said. “They are bringing memes to life – and as a general in the meme wars, I appreciate this.”

Three weeks ago, Trump said he posted a meme with a B-52 dropping bombs labeled a Republican B-52. On the bottom of the meme was a B-52 decked out in a Pride flag and BLM signs dropping bombs. That was labeled the Democrat B-52.

“I’m looking at the new logo and it’s like, ‘they turned a meme into life,’” he said. “There is a plane bomber made up of colors of the Pride flag. Just look at my Instagram. It’s true. So, you think they’re joking at this point, but they’re not.

“What do you think our enemies are doing? They’re laughing. You think that China is thinking about whether they’ve got to make sure they have plenty of trans pilots? By the way, I’m 100 percent fine with it if they are the best pilots, but that is not their focus. It’s not about finding the best ones.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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