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Donald Trump Jr. spoke at the Iowa Capitol on Tuesday to campaign for his father’s re-election.

Trump opened by highlighting the confusion of Democrat candidate Joe Biden when it comes to always knowing where he is at.

“It’s awesome to be back in Iowa,” Trump said. “If I was Joe Biden, I’d say ‘it’s great to be here in Alaska today.’

“‘No, Joe, you’re in Iowa.'”

“‘Oh, Ohio.'”

“You’re laughing because it’s true. It’s also scary because it’s true.”

He said if President Donald J. Trump confused Iowa and Ohio, which he said is an easy mistake to make, the media would immediately claim President Trump to be in the latter stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s combined.

“Joe Biden forgets where he is 75 percent of the time and crickets,” Trump Jr. said. “He did it yesterday. He’s running for Senate. He confuses his wife and his sister. If I did that with my girlfriend Kimberly and Ivanka that would be a big problem. Kimberly would destroy me.”

More importantly, he said, Biden has served for basically half a century.

“Name an accomplishment,” he said. “We’re in Iowa, if you had someone that was working on your farm equipment, and after 47 years it was still broken, would you keep them going? No, you’d fire them in an instant.”

Biden supported TPP, NAFTA, China’s permanent status in the World Trade Organization and he has shipped more jobs overseas than any other human being in American political history.

“Now he’s going to support blue-collar jobs. Now he’s pushing for Made in America,” Trump Jr. said. “He’s got a history of plagiarism, but he’s basically taking Donald Trump’s platform and trying to make it his own. If we had an honest media, they’d call him out on it.”

Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, has not been examined properly by the media either, Trump Jr. said. Hunter owns a big part of a Chinese company that is taking American jobs and American technology out of Michigan and sending them to China. Hunter also took $1.5 billion from the Chinese government. He took $3.5 million from the wealthiest woman in Russia, who is a known associate of Vladimir Putin.

“Crickets. Money tied to human trafficking and prostitution rings in Eastern Europe,” Trump Jr. said. “Joe Biden says it’s ‘debunked.’ It’s not, I’ll show you the wire. It’s at the U.S. Treasury. It’s not debunked. But no one will question him, no one fact checks him, no one says that’s inaccurate. People who call him out on it, you know, get thrown off social media platforms for telling the truth because it’s against their chosen candidate. That’s what we’re up against guys.”

He compared the attacks he withstood for three years to the lack of interest in media coverage on what Hunter Biden has done.

“We actually have Russia collusion,” he said. “No, it’s real. We actually have the Putin connection that they’ve been looking for with the Trumps for years. The only problem is, now that it’s the Bidens, they have no interest.”

Trump Jr. said the campaign can win because the American people are with them and, unlike Joe Biden, President Trump has actually delivered for the American people.

“He created the greatest job market in the history of the world. The lowest unemployment numbers ever. The strongest economy ever. The highest number of new start-up businesses. All of those things — that wasn’t just for me or business people — that was for African Americans and women and Hispanics. Each one of those demographics grew.

“It was the first time in modern history where the lowest income earners actually saw real wage increases. What do you think happens to that when they open up the borders and flood the markets?”

Trump Jr. hit the mainstream media for failing to cover peace deals in the Middle East.

“It’s like a 250-inch buck,” he said. “You know, you hear about it. They don’t really exist. You kind of hope that they do. Donald Trump does three of them. Two in the region and one in Kosovo. He gets three.”

But the media instead became fixated on a story about Trump’s grandson building a Lego White House.

“Did he do it by himself,” Trump Jr. said. “Like it’s funny but it’s true, right. They spent more time trying to cancel a 3-year old than they did trying to talk about Middle East peace.

“‘Was he assisted?’ I don’t know, he’s three. Probably had some help.”

He then criticized the liberal attacks against Justice Kavanaugh and how Democrats sat on information and allegations.

“Think of how sick that is,” he said. “They are sick people. They are. We can say it. That is sick. But that wasn’t enough.”

Trump Jr. took aim at the term “originalist” in regards to Amy Coney Barrett.

“You know what that means, right? It means you interpret the Constitution as written,” he said. “Think about that. Interpreting the Constitution as written is now a radical concept. They don’t explain what being an originalist is, they just say it’s radical and hope that the sheep follow.”

Cancel culture also tried to take down Nick Sandmann.

“They tried, and he fought back and that’s why he’s the highest-paid person at CNN,” Trump Jr. said. “Then they go after a 3-year old for building his grandfather a Lego White House.”

The voters, the American people, Trump Jr. said are how his dad’s administration will earn another term.

“We don’t have mainstream media functioning as our marketing department, we don’t have the luxury of being able to hide in our basement and being able to campaign,” he said. “We don’t have the luxury of having those same media, social media, big tech guys white-washing our career — pretending that we were good at things that we didn’t do, hiding so many of the flaws.”

Biden says he will fix racial inequality.

“Where was he?” Trump Jr. said. “He was a Senator for 38 years. He basically had sleepovers with every segregationist there was in Congress. He didn’t want his kids going to school in a ‘racial jungle.’ He was against bussing.”

Trump Jr. contends that Biden hasn’t accomplished anything worth being rewarded for.

“He got Hunter really rich and he sent your American dream to China,” he said. “That’s not an accomplishment that we’ve got to be running on but if we had an unbiased media you would’ve heard it. So we need you guys to make up that difference.”

Traditional Democrats have said, ‘You know, if my grandfather knew that I was voting for a Republican he’d be rolling over in his grave.’

“That’s fine. How would your grandfather feel about 139 genders?” Trump said. “That’s a bigger issue in the Democrat Party than jobs. That’s a bigger issue than the American worker. This is no longer your grandparents’ Democrat Party. This is not your parents’ Democrat Party. That Democrat Party does not exist anymore, it is gone. This is a socialist, Marxist Party. Don’t believe me? Just look at the platform. It’s the Biden-Sanders, as in commie Bernie Sanders, joint-unity platform. That is Joe Biden’s agenda.”

Beto O’Rourke’s promise to take AR-15s as the gun czar isn’t a moderate position on the Second Amendment. Bernie’s Green New Deal isn’t a moderate position. Kamala Harris as VP is not a moderate pick. Opening the borders, paying for education and health care for illegals is not a moderate position.

“It would take your tax dollars and divert them even further from your children,” he said. “But the Democrats don’t care.”

Trump Jr. told supporters to ask their friends who support Biden to name a Biden accomplishment.

“They’re hearing media coverage that is 96 percent negative against Donald Trump,” he said. “That’s 100 percent in the bag as a cheerleader for the Biden campaign and for that administration.”

He reminded Iowans that Biden won’t answer the question of stacking the courts and they want to eliminate the Electoral College.

“What do you think that means for your voice if and when the Democrats get their way,” he asked. “You would have nothing. Pack it in folks, it would never matter. The Constitution would be over.”

He closed by asking those in attendance for help.

“We need you out there, because, without you, it won’t work. Without you, the lies, the hatred, the vitriol from the media and from the Democrats, that will have an effect. It will get to those people who aren’t as into it as you. You have to make sure they understand what’s at stake. they can’t sit out, can’t hope for the best. Get out there, vote. Bring your friends.”

Photos from the event.

Video of the event.

Author: Jacob Hall