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Failing New York Times: “When we leave in 10, 14, 18, 22 years from now, the NY Times will be out of business, so will a lot of others.”


Sleepy Joe: “He always gets the name wrong. How many times has he missed it? He’s in Iowa and he says great to be in the great state of Ohio, and they say Joe you’re in Iowa, you can’t do that. No matter how great you speak, if you’re Winston Churchhill, if you make that mistake at the beginning of your speech, it’s over.”

Fake News

Boot-edge-edge: “They call him Mayor Pete, you know why, because nobody can pronounce his name. Nobody has any idea. He presides over a city that’s failed, it’s doing so badly, in a state that’s having the greatest year its ever had.”

Mini Mike: “Where is he? He’s not running. He’s skipping four or five states. Mini Mike. I’ve had him up to here (points at his midsection).”

Crazy Nancy Pelosi

Crazy Bernie

Crazy Schiff

Shifty Schiff: “He’s a sick puppy.”

Crooked Hillary

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall