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I had the opportunity to talk with some ardent supporters of President Donald J. Trump on Thursday night at the Plymouth County GOP Tailgate fundraiser. The conversation started with Scott bringing up what’s been on his mind most lately.

“I wonder about where the money is coming from for the bad stuff going on,” he said. “If it’s George Soros…you see tons of Black Lives Matter buses, expensive buses – 14 of them lined up in Florida. You just wonder where the money is coming from and that person should probably be in trouble for funding all of that.”

Scott talked about video he saw on YouTube from Chicago where drones were watching people change into black outfits before they started throwing bottles at police.

“You wonder who is funding all of that,” he said. “That’s kind of my biggest deal.”

All four individuals at the table agreed they were supporters of Trump four years ago, and they’re even more supportive this year.

“I think that he’s done an outstanding job as President against all odds,” Jolene said. “He’s condemned every day of the week and they can’t say one positive thing on any of the networks except Fox about him and I think it’s a crime. He’s our President and we need to respect him, even if we’re not sure we agree with him.”

They also agreed that one of Trump’s greatest strengths is his ability to get his message out without relying on the media.

“He says it like it is,” Mike said. “He doesn’t pull punches and talks the same language all of us guys use. So we understand him and he’s done exactly what he said he was going to do.”

Jolene said the only surprise from Trump during the first four years has been related to his messaging.

“I was a little surprised at first he didn’t filter his language kind of like I thought a President would, but I’m used to it and I like it,” she said. “He calls it like it is and calls a spade a spade.”

Ruth agreed and said she appreciates that about Trump as well.

“He’s easy to understand and he keeps his promises,” she said.

All four agreed this election is consequential for the future of the nation.

“I think it’s the most important because it comes down to our freedoms and keeping our freedom,” Ruth said. “If we don’t have Trump in there, our freedoms could be lost.”

Trump’s pro-life position also was discussed.

“He’s the most pro-life President we’ve ever had,” Ruth said.

Jolene agreed.

“They’re saying now we can kill babies in the bassinets in the hospital if they don’t want to have them,” she said. “That is murder and I never thought I’d see that in this country. And if they do that for the babies, they’re going to turn around and do that to the elderly in the nursing homes. When they don’t know what’s going on, they’re going to get rid of them too because they cost money.”

Mike’s final thought was about faith.

“Another thing I like about him is he’s bringing God back into the picture,” he said. “None of the other guys ever did. In fact, they’re all atheists as far as I’m concerned on the other side.”

Scott finished with thoughts about COVID.

“The virus is a well-planned, well-organized, biological weapon,” he said. “People will figure it out sooner or later, but they know what they’re doing – the bad people. They wanted to hurt our economy so Trump would look bad.”

Author: Jacob Hall