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From President Donald J. Trump:

At times it seems that almost the whole world is against Donald J. Trump. At least the liberal-socialist, RINO, and neocon world—that is to say, the formidable, oligarchic uniparty—is.

Trump was castigated endlessly by the Left and their fake media for six long years, made the fall guy in the phony Russian collusion hoax, wrongly impeached twice, and now is at the center of the illegitimate and partisan January 6 committee. They seek to indict him so he can never run for office again. The obvious goal is to remove him from the political scene altogether.

The NeverTrumpers never stop. The neocons and loser Liz Cheney types never cease loathing him. Inside the Beltway, the ruling class establishment doesn’t want and will thwart his return. And all the elites—not just those in the deep state—are moving in for the final kill.

In 2018, I wrote a book the FBI did not want you to read titled, The Plot to Destroy Trump: How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President. The hate continues unabated. And make no mistake, that hate is activated as it has become increasingly vehement, visceral, and actionable.

And now we have witnessed the full weaponization of the Department of Justice and its Stasi-like police force, the FBI, to invade the former president’s private residence. All of this over some trumped-up baloney charge about archival records (boxes of memos, talking points, a menu, and a napkin) that may be classified (please, the president himself controls that designation).

To many of us, it looks more like a fishing expedition than a legitimate investigation.

The Obama-appointed librarian behind this farce is a bloviating Trump hater. The magistrate who signed off on the warrant isn’t even a high-level, confirmed judge—and, indeed, is another Obamaite. He was a Jeffrey Epstein defender. He is silly, woke, and (no surprise) a full-strength Trump hater.

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  1. Ever wonder why they go after him on nonsense when they could have for legit things?
    Bump stock ban. Or have we all forgotten the self-proclaimed champion of the 2nd amendment let his people do this? Now FJB is using his precedent of dictate by regulation to go after ghost guns and pistol braces. All without representation of we the people. No law debated, no vote. Let’s just redefine the language. Just like Trump did on the bump stock ban.
    Not enjoying the show.


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