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The last two days have been quite telling. On Monday night, Tucker Carlson showed some previously unseen footage from January 6. The selections he aired provide more questions than they do answers, for the most part.

I was there on Jan. 6. I was on the ground. I believe I’m the only member of the Iowa media that was in Washington D.C. at the Capitol on that day.

I believe Carlson’s footage represents that day much more accurately than what the Jan. 6 Committee put together for their primetime moment.

I have my own footage from that day as well.

But what has been startling since Monday night’s airing by Carlson is the reaction from both Democrat and Republican leadership in Washington D.C.

Just about everything is polarized these days — just about. So when Mitch McConnell locks hands with Chuck Schumer on something, we should give it a second — and third — glance.

More often than not it will be something not controversial at all. Something that’s impossible to make partisan.

But Jan. 6 isn’t that. It just isn’t.

Carlson took footage that actually belongs to Americans and was withheld intentionally from Americans and put it out there for all to see.

Schumer didn’t like it. In fact, he called it one of the most shameful things on cable TV ever, which is saying something.

McConnell didn’t like it either. Neither did Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Thom Tillis.

I’m not going to recount everything that led up to Jan. 6 or the fact that tourists weren’t allowed inside the Capitol at all due to COVID, which would’ve made the suggestion from Tillis for tourists to line up and wait their turn a little impossible.

But I do want to focus on the fact that Schumer really doesn’t want you to see this footage. So much so that he called for the censorship of Carlson from the Senate floor.

Ironically, Schumer was claiming Carlson’s decision to air the footage was a threat to democracy.

If we really cared about democracy, it seems we would want as much footage out there as possible as it would provide plenty of answers and leave far fewer questions.

But the fact that both Democrats and Republicans do not want this footage out there only reinforces the fact it needs to be out there.

Americans need to see more footage from that day, not less.

If you stop and think about Jan. 6, the more you think about it the less sense it makes. How did a group of unarmed Americans essentially overtake the Capitol police on a day they knew a million people would be there? Where was the National Guard? Why did Nancy Pelosi do such a poor job planning for the protest? Why were Capitol Police escorting protestors through the Capitol, attempting to open doors for them, talking with them, etc.?

I have my own opinions about Jan. 6 and my own theories for why it was allowed to happen the way it did. Ultimately, I believe the “uniparty” that runs our government desperately wanted something to justify making it impossible for President Donald J. Trump to ever serve as President again.

Go ahead, call it a conspiracy theory. After the last few years, I think that only helps my case.

I don’t know that we’ll ever know the full story behind Jan. 6. But I do know that trusting our government with the footage — what we can and can’t see from that day — isn’t going to get us any closer to the full story.

I applaud Tucker for showing the footage and hope we’ll see more in the coming days and weeks.

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. One piece of Tuckers footage deals with the death of Capitol policeman Brian Sicknick. The left made claims that Brian was killed by Trump supporters when he was struck with a fire extinguisher. Sicknick died hours later in his office. An autopsy, however, says he died of natural causes from blood clots. No signs of any injury were discovered inside or outside of his body. The claim that Sicknick died due to an insurrection is probably false.

  2. Exactly correct. The more we learn and is exposed about EVERYTHING in this nation right now shows those that are paying attention just how far we have fallen, in almost every single topic that is broached. And even more so in those still hidden. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Iowa Standard, will you be releasing the footage? I do not have cable or Tuckers tv show so I have only seen short snippets. I do recall watching it live via rsbn. Thank w


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