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During a brief Q&A, Tucker Carlson was asked for his advice on where conservatives should look in Maricopa County for help as the DNC seems corrupt and the RNC seems complicit.

Carlson said he completely agreed with the premise of the question.

“The horrifying realization is not that the other side hates you, it’s that your side hates you too,” he said. “It’s like a horror movie. ‘It’s coming from inside the house.’ I mean, I’m serious. And it’s so destabilizing. The people you thought were on your side betray you — that’s way harder to take. It’s way scarier. It’s way worse than just being opposed by someone who hates you. I get that. Everyone knows what an enemy is. The betrayal by a friend is bitter. It’s bitter. and I feel bitter about it — not as a talk show host, but as a voter who votes Republican because I don’t really have a choice, I wish I did, don’t. Especially now.”

So, what should we do, Carlson said the answer starts with prayer.

“I mean, really, for clarity,” he said. “I’m sure like half this room grew up in evangelical families with eight kids, going to church. I grew up in California as an Episcopalian. So it’s weird for me to say that. I say it not because I think I should say it. I say it because it works. I don’t think it works, I’ve seen it work.”

He shared a story about a Fox News employee he talked to who said he wouldn’t believe in a religion that doesn’t believe in miracles. He said he didn’t want to be involved with anything that doesn’t produce supernatural results.

“Amen,” Carlson said. “I absolutely believe that.”

Prayer isn’t the only answer, though. Carlson said both people of faith and secular people have an obligation to make things better. But a lot of things are broken. He said everyone in Washington hates democracy, and that’s the truth.

“One thing we can fix is the party structure itself,” he said. “And I think it’s time. I’m not getting involved in any of this. It’s too corrupt. It is just too corrupt. I’m sorry. And I’m even kind of tolerant of that. I remember going to Chicago many years ago. And you know, the government in Chicago has always been corrupt. But I was there in a blizzard and they got the snow off the streets in like eight minutes. And I remember thinking to myself, like, ‘Yeah, I’m against corruption. But look at the streets. Like, it works actually. You want to take your 15 percent, I’m against it, but I’m not going to call the cops on you because you’re doing your job and you’re doing it well.’

“Competence makes up for a lot. But if you’re the Republican National Committee. You’re handing out contracts to consultants to the tune of millions of dollars, who don’t actually do anything but you’re doing it because they’re your friends — which is happening and has always happened. And you’re flying out on private planes with the money that sweet terrified Republican voters have sent to you from the middle of the country and you’re catering things and buying Lululemon workout gear with political contributions. And you’re losing elections! No. If you win elections, we can talk about it. If you’re losing, get out. We cannot reward incompetence.”

Carlson said it is insulting and a destructive cycle. He said it is important to hold people accountable — especially people you love and support — to a standard for their sake and your own.

“It degrades us all when you don’t,” Carlson said. “Fixing the RNC is not going to fix the Republican Party, but like, it can’t be that hard. Let’s just start there.”


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