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During America Fest 2022, there was a panel discussion of sorts involving Kash Patel, Darren Beattie and Congressman Andy Biggs regarding the Twitter Files. Patel was a top adviser to President Donald J. Trump, Beattie is a journalist at Revolver News and Biggs represents Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.

Patel said the Twitter Files are showing what some already knew — the FBI was in bed with Big Tech a long time ago. And, he added, the partial release of documents is almost a version of censorship itself.

“We know the FBI was in bed with Twitter, with Facebook, with Google,” he said. “They had weekly meetings at the authorization of Director Chris Wray and Attorney General Bill Barr. Where are the FBI memorandums showing the direction of this DOJ and FBI telling Facebook and Twitter to rig a presidential election based on political orientation? If that isn’t the biggest crime of the modern era, then I don’t know what is.”

Beattie added the issue of Big Tech censorship isn’t principally one of private companies taking it upon themselves to censor. While there was an element of that, the larger story is the pressure that came from the government itself.

“From the national security state itself,” he said. “Russiagate was a national security state operation. And as anybody who has ever read the great news site known as Revolver News, we know that the fed-surrection was also a national security state operation. The thread running through all of these things is that in our ostensible democracy, where allegedly the people are in charge, the chief bottleneck to progress for the will of the people in stationing itself in the government, the chief bottleneck to that is the national security state. Which is why I say unless and until we can bring the national security state to heel, our politics in this country will remain largely fake and performative. We have to put them in their place.”

Biggs joined in the criticisms, saying the FBI acted without any legal authority or rationale.

“They were meeting with Twitter on a weekly basis during the 2020 Election,” he said. “And that purpose was not because there was a national security threat. In fact, they were taking agents away from international terrorist surveillance and putting them on domestic political assignment. And when you think of that, what was the purpose? It was using the FBI, the DOJ and other parts of the federal police apparatus to attack their political opponents. And the marriage of big government in that way with Big Tech is none other than fascism. That’s what we’ve become — a fascist state. And if we’re going to go back to a free constitutional republic, we have to dismantle the FBI.”

Patel said the headship at the FBI is “completely corrupted.” In order to dismantle the FBI, Patel said the people must take documentation that will come from congressional subpoenas and show them to the rest of the world.

“Thankfully we have brave warriors in Congress who know that Chris Wray is going to come in and say, ‘Oh, I can’t find the documents,’” Patel said. “Andy will take their money. It’s our taxpayer dollars that are funding these gigantic agencies to create a two-tier system of justice. And the only way to abolish it — as I call these government gangsters — is you take their money. And the only person that can do it are members of Congress. So we have to demand that of our representatives. And I’m glad that I’m on the stage with one of the guys that I know will follow through on that mission for the United States of America.”

Beattie called for the full, raw, unedited footage of the DNC pipe bomber to be subpoenaed.

“It’s the No. 1 thing that nobody wants to learn more about,” he said. “The Democrats are not clamoring for the full and unedited surveillance footage from the DNC of this pipe bomber. Why?”

He said the feds have the ability through geofencing to learn the identity of anyone who was in D.C. on Jan. 6.

“This is the only person that they can’t find the identity of in their geofencing technology,” he said. “I wonder why that is. This is the most terroristic element of Jan. 6.”

He predicted getting answers on that incident will lead to a “very, very dark place.”

Biggs followed up by calling for a subpoena and access to the entire 14,000 hours of Jan. 6 footage.

“No more of this stuff that’s been kind of edited and cropped where they have a narrative that they’re trying to craft,” Biggs said. “That has got to go away.”

Biggs noted Facebook and YouTube were receiving pressure as well as Twitter. He said the FBI went to Google and Microsoft, telling them to delete web addresses without any legal authority.

“They won’t even tell us all the social media and software companies that they were basically bullying into censoring,” he said. “We’re going to bring them in. And we’re going to have them sit right there. And if they don’t want to answer or refuse to answer — no more of this —  and you know, Kash is exactly right, Christopher Wray will say, ‘Thank you, I’ll have my staff get back to you.’ And you never hear from them again. Their staff has been transferred to Timbuktu or somewhere. We’re going to say, ‘Look, if you aren’t going to provide us with the answers, we’re going to hold you in contempt.’ You have to hold people accountable when they do the wrong thing. And what’s been happening in this country is to take us away from the constitutional republic that we are. If you mess around with elections, you mess around with our trajectory, our freedom, the path that we should be on. And that’s what they have done. And the reason they’ve done it is because…that’s the grift of the Democrats. The grift for them is to get into power and use taxpayer funds to enrich themselves, maintain power. And the way they do it is they’ve now coopted and weaponized every federal department and agency against the American people. God help us if we can’t stop them. God help this country if we can’t stop them. We’ve got to do it, pedal to the medal, we start in January.”

Patel said the House Republicans cannot do this alone and it cannot be undertaken by the FBI and DOJ.

“The next time someone tells you that no election was rigged and you bring up Hunter Biden’s laptop, just tell them this — what if that was Don Jr.’s laptop? What would we be talking about,” Patel said. “Not the criminality, but the decades in prison that individual should be doing right now if we had an FBI and DOJ whose willing to follow the facts and the law.”

Instead, Twitter decided to censor stories about individuals with the FBI and DOJ at their direction just before the biggest election in our lifetime.

“And it did make a difference. You don’t need to be a pollster to know that,” he said. “Go around America and ask people if they would’ve changed their vote had they known the next President’s son was one of the largest criminal actors in United States history — in bed with the CCP, the worst criminal actor on the global stage. No, of course, they would not have voted for him.”

In 2016, the FBI and DOJ were hijacked by a political party using campaign contributions to hire a foreign spy to go to federal court and lie just so they could federally surveil a political opponent.

“That’s not supposed to happen in the United States of America,” Patel said. “All roads lead to Russiagate because it’s the same government gangsters at the FBI and the DOJ that corrupted us back then that are doing so right now. You’ve got to call them out by name.”

Beattie said election rigging also includes manipulation of the information environment.

“Censoring critical stories about family members of one presidential candidate immediately before an election is election rigging and it may be the most outrageous form of election rigging possible and it was being done with the collusion of nefarious operators within the government itself,” he said.

Biggs closed by saying it isn’t just Russia and Hunter Biden, but also COVID.

“They don’t want you to know what happened with COVID,” he said. “They were suppressing virtually everything that we in this audience and up here on this stage stand for. They were attacking the values, not just the values, but the virtue of the American Constitutional Republic. And that was being done because simply they wanted power. There is no place on Earth that can sustain that type of government. Certainly not one that’s supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. This is America, it is the time for us to stand up.”


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