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Here is video of the podium ceremony at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships. Lia Thomas, a biological male, won the 500-yard freestyle. Emma Weyant finished second, despite being the first biological female.

Video shows the crowd reaction to the results of the event:


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  1. The real science deniers; are the delusional who still insist that any biological boy that fancies himself as a girl can be EQUAL to a biological girl.

    And We wonder about the widespread mainstreaming of mental illness… It’s because mental illness is a real biological disease for only a portion of the population. For the rest, it’s caused by a continual state of cognitive dissonance. Egged on by “loved” ones who encourage and abet the eventual destruction of victim.

    This is encouraged from the top by Marxists seeking nothing less than a destroyed society as fodder for their NWO revolution. The same elites who have no intention of letting the mentally ill sociopaths be a part of their “brave” new world of only 500 million chosen people. I say “brave” because, a two-tier society of elites and serfs, wouldn’t last 2 generations due to human nature.

    The elites, who play God, thinking they can edit out the God gene or any other undesired traits are due for nasty unintended consequences. God is not be mocked since He wins in the end and will have the last laugh.

    As sole Supreme designer of nature; God preprogrammed it all and no amount of reprogramming by puny created man can undo what God hath designed.

    These evil elites ignored the lesson of Job; in that Lucifer has to get permission, each and every time, personally from God before he can do something to Man.

    Let that sink in…

    1) Why would God ever give permission to an inferior spirit to do something to bring about a destruction, let alone disrupt, His divine plan for the world?

    2) Ergo, Satan can’t keep any promises made to Man about winning the world and yet keeping his soul. Which is why he’s called the Deceiver; promising anything, including the world, to these stupid elites.

    One such attempted disruption is found in 1 Corinthians 2:
    7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 

    8 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

    The then elites thought they could end Christ by crucifying Jesus. But failed, because they didn’t know that it was planned all along. That if they were smart, they would have let Jesus live.

    But when everything looks like a nail, they always use the hammer with epic blowback. Much the same with current events; for all their macinations, everything is falling to naught in a glorious #FailureCascade.

    Out there lunatic fringe Democrats, artificially trying to start a war with Russia? Check!

    Neo-conservatives in our midst, artificially trying to start a war with Russia? Check!

    Activating the Green New Deal on steroids? Check!

    Grooming our children for sacrifice? Check!

    Indoctrinating our kids? Check!

    Mask / Vax mandates? Check!

    That’s but just a few from their long list of comprehensive playbooks. All for naught. They will never, ever get their promised utopia, certainly not from swinging their overated

    With each cascading failure, ever more people wake up to the Truth. The rapid awakening is like Chinese Water Torture to the shrill elites.

    Look over there. There’s Joni – – with Grassley’s backing – – warmongering daily against Putin.

    Last year, she was loudly bemoaning the Grassroots canceling Liz Cheney. Cowardly, leaving tire tracks on Liz’s back when pushed back. Or how about her betrayal of Steve King? So much for Party unity. Yet another egregious case of “rules for thee, none for me”.

    And our 3 US mini-mes swamping in lockstep along with the state wanna-bes. They’re easy to spot, wearing mindless yellow & blue virtuous flags a they salute each other with, “I’m NPC, you NPC? Yup, me-too!”

    Then there’s Lindsey Graham constantly wailing, “Will no one rid me of this turbulent Putin?” Or poor Mitt Romney, looking sadder than ever, every time Putin is discussed. The question here is this, what is it about Putin that has these necons going nuts?

    Well, if they would come clean now, this late in the game, the truth might set them free. Or not. So, no, they’d rather try and stop Putin before he exposes them. Tick-tock.

    Some folks say it’s already too late to defeat the elites. All I know is that God loves a happy warrior. And I’d rather be such, than throw up my hands in surrender. Dare I say, “God would find your lack of faith rather disturbing?” I think that is indeed a truth, because we have that blessed assurance that God wins in the end, no matter how it’s played out.

    Lest anyone think I’ve digressed from the subject at hand, I trust you’ll realize that every issue is directly dependent on another in this strange spiritual war we find ourselves in.

    Happy trails…


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