A number of contacts sent me a link to a voter guide that can be used by Iowans this upcoming election.

I wanted to share the link, but I also wanted to quickly highlight one thing that stood out to me right away.

In the four congressional races in Iowa, three of the Democrats are considered “very liberal” by the voter guide. Not a single Republican is ranked as “very conservative.”

Not one.

With all the absentee ballot requests being sent to all eligible voters for the June primary, there is no doubt that the unchartered summer election hurt the more conservative candidates.

All four Republicans who won the nomination for the GOP were the pick of the establishment.

As a conservative, it would be really nice to see Republicans regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. But that isn’t likely without Iowa flipping a seat — or two.

Many of my contacts vouched for this candidate guide. It matches up with many of my notes as well.

We’ll kind of highlight a few races from the guide in the coming days.

But wanted to point out what jumped off the page immediately — that there is not a single “very conservative” Republican running for Congress in Iowa.

If you’re wondering, the likely Democrat seats are all “very liberal” and J.D. Scholten is scored as “liberal.”


Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall