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Nick Vujicic hammered the pro-life message Sunday to those who attended America Fest. Vujicic is an Australian-American Christian evangelist. He was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, which is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs.

Vujicic’s message contained a strong pro-life theme throughout. He noted that regardless of who is President, the greatest flag we can wave is Jesus Christ.

He noted his travel around the world — 74 countries, 21 presidents, 10 governments, 2,500 airplane rides, 3,500 stages, crowds as large as 800,000 people. Then, he said:

“We are so so blessed to be living in this day in age in this country called the United States of America,” he said. “It is my privilege to talk to you about the understanding of the essential discussion that really pertains to no much more discussion than stating the truth. When it comes down to America, it was once a country that blessed God. To the point that we printed on our money ‘In God We Trust’ to the point of our unrighteousness that that is almost blasphemy.”

He lambasted the sin of abortion.

“California (is) not even recording abortions that are surgical. It’s not 2,363 abortions a day in our country. It’s closer to 3,600. And the total is closer to 77 million babies who did not actually come into this Earth in full and form to breathe the air that we breathe. And 77 million murders have happened, scheduled, in the womb on our watch in the last 50 years of America.”

Vujicac said an unborn baby is a person from conception. And God knows the child from before the Earth began.

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made and God never makes junk,” he said. “We all have our disabilities, but degrees of disabilities, what we must understand is we all are disabled. But you walk by faith and not by sight, that even in rape and incest, that we as the church come alongside of that woman who is victimized in that unimaginable crime, but we come alongside of that woman who holds that child and we don’t celebrate heartbeat bills. Do you know that the murmuring of celebrating heartbeat bills is almost as if in the incremental steps of slavery being first determined as them being — whose them? Oh, the African Americans. Yeah, them. Three-fifths human. That’s where slavery was founded upon. Are we to celebrate when it could have been maybe incrementally then that they’re not three-fifths human, now they’re four-fifths human.

“Yay! Finally, we’re getting closer! That is where we are at this point. 2021 will be the most rude awakening of Christians Americans ever. I am not angry at people who tried to bring in the heartbeat bill, but do you understand that a six-week heartbeat bill, anyone who doesn’t want that child for any reason can say they were raped or human trafficked.”

In Texas, the six-week heartbeat bill allows the trafficked teens to actually continue to be forced as a modern-day slaves.

“So Christians, you can’t talk about pro-life or being pro-life without talking about human trafficking, without talking about the foster care and adoption system that is absolutely crippled. And you can’t talk about being pro-life without shutting down the border,” Vujicic said.

The border crisis has led to a quadrupling of human trafficking, according to Vujicic.

“But you can’t talk about any of this when you talk about human trafficking until you ask how many men especially are addicted to pornography in your church,” he said. “I’m sorry, but this is where it begins. Because if you value life, then you value all those human beings that are actually enslaved. And if you have watched pornography they might be one of the slaves. When was the last time your church has talked about pornography? When was the last time your church was talking about PTSD of abortion? When was the last time they actually gave help to divorced fathers, not just divorced mothers? Do you understand there are some things that the church still has not talked about? And let’s start right now with this. Why cannot we talk about the political things?”

Vujicic said more powerful than who is President, who of your church is on school boards, council, House, Senate, mayor, governor.

“You want God to heal America? We have to stop sinning,” Vujicic said. “There was only one way to abolish slavery. It was people who said I am not accepting anything other than abolishing it. Period. Period. Period. And even a rude awakening about pro-life in America that you don’t see coming.”

One of the rude awakenings, Vujicic said, is that 15-25 percent of abortions in America are happening to people representing our church.

“So if you want to get rid of 20 percent of abortions in America, which would make it maybe, let’s say 200,000 less deaths as everything stands right now, let’s have our youth pastors talk actually talk about keeping your pants on, Gen Z,” Vujicic said. “Let’s have our youth pastors talk about waiting for marriage.

“My opinion is such I believe the Roe v. Wade will not be overturned whatsoever. Roe v. Wade is a case. Roe v. Wade is a case based on facts and stuff that haven’t changed. It was a case. It was a case though with other cases that actually gave us the belief that Roe v. Wade case was some kind of barrier as to why a state could not abolish abortion if so believed. If you actually study the Tenth Amendment of the Constitutional rights and you actually look at the God-given basic rights based on the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution, I can tell you my prediction is, woe to the rude awakening of the church in America when we find out for 50 years we’ve been waiting for something to overturn but we didn’t have to wait for it to be overturned. You actually want it overturned to actually go back to the states to abolish abortion.”

He asked when the last time the church saw its local Planned Parenthood as its local mission field and went to pray over Planned Parenthood.

“Have you been to a Planned Parenthood near you? Go and pray,” Vujicic said. “Here is the most interesting, crazy, backward thinking for a second — what if this was flipped? This is absolute proof to show you illustratively that the church is in a coma.”

Vujicic asked the crowd to imagine the Supreme Court has made a decision.

“We don’t get to know that decision for how many months — six or seven months,” he said. “So, what is six or seven months’ worth of abortions? Too many. LEt’s call it 700,000 abortions between now and August. If we so choose to believe, based on our Constitutional right after 38 sanctuary cities already in Texas, already in Texas there are no babies being killed. There are no babies being killed in 38 cities in Texas. One is Lubbock. Planned Parenthood moved out.”

Vujicic predicted Alabama would abolish abortion despite what happens to Roe v. Wade.

“Is Arizona second,” he asked. “Or are you going to allow Texas to beat you to the second place? Can you imagine if we waited — what if it was a different scenario.”

If Roe v. Wade was for life, and they were trying to flip what happened in 1973, Vujicic asked if they could imagine if he was pro-choice and there was a chance the Supreme Court would actually allow abortions for the first time in America, but they have to wait for six months to actually help the women’s rights in America.

“Don’t you think that if it was flipped, that waiting for six months for a pro-choice decision from the Supreme Court they would’ve already lit our country on fire? Think about that for a second,” he said. “If we now for life are waiting seven months for the Supreme Court to be published — is it or is it not Supreme Court a neutral stance that you are neither pro-life or for abortion. Because the time is ticking. You might have the most rude awakening in your life as a Christian as you might actually see the Supreme Court exactly say that. IT is time for you to do your research. It is time for you to engage in your local political arena. NOt to be political, but in a mountain of politics, for the sake of your school, for the sake of your city and for the sake of your state, tell me where in the Constitution that you and your state can’t abolish abortion pre-Roe v. Wade. If you study all of that argument of what just happened… 3,600 today…3,600 tomorrow. Is your church ready? Who will be mayor? Who will be a champion for the unborn? Who is going to be the voice? America, if God doesn’t punish us for our sins, He’s going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. It starts with the first of many sins where America repents.

“This, this is where it begins. In your church. In your vote. In you being councilman, councilwoman, county board supervisor as God leads. Let us be the champions for the unborn.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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