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Mike Lindell offered a different perspective on the 2020 Election than he typically offers at America Fest. Lindell essentially called the 2020 Election a blessing as it exposed how corrupt the election system is in America.

“Melt down the electronic voting machines and turn them into prison bars,” Lindell quipped. “Thank you.”

That was Lindell’s first tweet after sitting in Twitter prison for two years. He said he wanted to take people back to Jan. 7-8 of 2021. He said 1.2 million people were de-platformed over that time period on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“That’s the day they tried to take our voice forever,” he said. “If we lose our voice, we lose it all. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you have of this or the elections, it doesn’t matter we’ve all learned that over the last two years.”

Lindell said the 2020 Election will go down in history as the most important election in history due to what we’ve learned.

He said it reminds him of his first infomercial. At the time, he was living in his sister’s basement. He took in over $100 million over six months after the infomercial. He had 10 employees when he shot the infomercial, and 40 days later he had 500 employees. That $100 million was an increase from the $100,000 he made the year before.

“I woke up and I was $6 million in debt and it was just devastating,” he said. “I started looking. Rather than just lay there and feel sorry for myself, I started taking it all apart — what had happened. There was corruption, there were people who had betrayed me in my own company. There were people I trusted. And all these things then over the next two years I brought back in house and I learned from each one.”

Lindell said he wouldn’t be there today if 2012 hadn’t happened with My Pillow. The ex-crack addict said he had fear of speaking, but he learned it was a fear or rejection. Yet God is using him anyway.

“If 2020 had not happened, we would lose our country forever,” Lindell said. “What it has exposed, and they say, ‘Mike well who did this.’ I’ll tell you who, the CCP, the deep state, the globalists and the uniparty. This uniparty, the Republicans that were out there, they did nothing but block. And then we had I call them traitors. You’ve got your Doug Ducey’s of the world, Brad Raffensperger, Robin Vos of Wisconsin, you’ve got all these people that blocked. And it didn’t make sense. You’re going, ‘why would you not want to look into this.’ Election integrity — let’s use a real word — election crimes. Crimes against our country, crimes against humanity and crimes against the world. That’s what it is.”

Lindell, who said he knows he can fix the RNC, said it is easy to pinpoint the top issue in the country.

“It stands above all others — we need elections and not selections,” he said. “We need our elections back. All the hard work that’s put in in campaigns and the resources put in, and the blood, sweat and tears — I don’t care which party — just to have it selected. A button hit and boom, you lose.”

The Democrats were warning Americans about electronic voting machines until 2018.

“That’s all they preached about, but the Republican Party didn’t listen,” Lindell said.

On Feb. 4, 2021, Lindell noted that a company sued Fox News and that shut down conservative media from speaking out about elections.

“They were silenced,” he said. “All judges in the United States, every single judge, has kicked the can for standing. We’ve had more evidence that would fill this convention center. But the thing is, every judge has kicked the can on something called standing. Every single case. Why? Are they all corrupt? No. I believe they have fear. They’re afraid. They have friends, families like all of us.”

Other judges are now bringing sanctions against lawyers for questioning the machines and elections.

Currently, there are more than 50 lawsuits in the United States to get elections back to where they need to be.

“It takes courage and courage is contagious,” he said. “When you have a takeover of a country, the first thing they do, they’re going to silence you everywhere they can, on every platform, and then they’re going to put fear into the rest of the people who might have courage. And that’s where we’ve been sitting coming up on two years. But it’s all changing everybody. It’s changing.”

Lindell said the RINOs and traitors have been exposed along with platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“In these times, you’ve got to embrace it. God gave us grace right now — we’re living it,” he said. “Just think if we would have never found out. If 2020 hadn’t happened, it’s over. It’s over. Our country, you’re going to go, ‘What, did we all turn far left?’ I’m telling you right now, 80 percent of this country doesn’t like this stuff and the other half of them don’t realize they don’t like this stuff and then you’ve got this little bit on the far Left that is just pure evil.

“We have all the tools right now. You’ve got to get the word out of all the hope going on. All the lawsuits. I believe judges are going to get courage. I believe they’re going to bring this country back. You’ve got to pray for our judges.”

He finished by saying “so many good things are going on.”

“With God, all things are possible,” he said. “This is on God’s timing, not my timing. We’re going to look back and every single thing that happened — even the bad stuff — you’re going to look back and say, ‘Oh that’s why that happened.’ We’re going to get to this beautiful place that God’s going to bring us and we’re going to once again be one nation, under God and we’re going to put God back in our schools. Just enjoy it because we’re in the greatest revival for Jesus Christ in history.”


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