Pro-life legislation has been making its way across the nation during the last few months. Democrats, of course, have resisted pro-life legislation that would protect innocent unborn babies at various stages of pregnancy.

Warren County Iowa Democrats posted on their Facebook page directions for how to be pro-life:

Protect our Earth

Protect our children…by banning assault rifles so our kids don’t get murdered in schools.

Protect our women

Protect our health…so people don’t have to die from being poor any more.

Protect our water…so it doesn’t kill our children and sicken our population.

Pro-life is not governing women’s wombs, the post said. Attempting to “govern women’s wombs” is misguided and harmful.

More than 60 million Americans would disagree, but they’re not around to do so because they were killed prior to being born.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall