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The owner of Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop refused to back down to a biological man who believes he is a woman and serves on the city council in Aberdeen, Washington. The exchange was caught on camera.

Tiesa Meskis, the councilman, took exception to a sign posted in the store that reads:

“If you are born with a (male body part), you are not a chick.”

“You’re gonna, you’re gonna put that up and you’re gonna let everybody else see it,” he said. “But when you’re confronted by a trans woman you’re gonna hide it?”

The owner, Don Sucher, said everyone loves it, takes pictures of it and posts it.

“Nine out of 10 customers love it,” he said.

“No, I don’t think so. You know what, it’s bullshit,” Meskis said.

Sucher said what Meskis is “spouting” is bullshit.

“Trans women are women sir,” Meskis said. “That sign is bullshit.”

Sucher refused to back down after Meskis continued on his diatribe.

“Well, I’m tellin’ you as a man, that’s bullshit. It’s total bullshit. Do you know what? Nobody confronts your ass. That’s the problem. Do you know how many people you’ve embarrassed at city hall? They have to tolerate that shit.”

Meskis told Sucher he is an embarrassment to the city.

“I am a pillar in this city. I’m a pillar in this city. Now, you do that, do you know why? Every time some bullshit like this happens, my sales go up because people are wanting this.”

Meskis said he is going to show people this side of Soucher and hopefully they wake him up.

“You do it. You do it. Because guess what — you are (expletive) nuts. You are nuts. You’re not a woman, you don’t look like a woman, you don’t act like a woman. You’re (expletive) in the head — what’s wrong with you. I am confronting you that you are an (expletive).”

Sucher said he took the sign down because he was going to be nice.

“Putting that sign up is not being nice. Putting that sign up is (expletive) up.”

Sucher said he’s going to put it out front.

Meskis is escorted out of the store saying he is living his life the way he wants to live it.

He begins chanting trans women are women.

“Get a clue,” Sucher said. “Get an (expletive) clue.”

The confrontation continues as Meskis promises to be out of his store all the time.

Sucher asked Meskis if he has a certain male body part.

“You don’t get to ask that,” Meskis said. “You are an (expletive) idiot.”

The two continue to call each other names.

Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network retweeted the “transphobia” and put out a call to action.

“Our entire community is outraged at this disgusting display of hate. An attack on one is an attack on all. The video is of Don Sucher.”

The group is planning to protest outside the business on Saturday, Aug. 7 at 10 a.m.

Meskis later told local media that he knows Sucher has the right to say what he wants, but he wanted to tell him it was hurtful.

Sucher, for his part, said he doesn’t care what they do, but they shouldn’t go into his store and complain about stuff.

“I have free speech,” he said.

When told some people think his sign is hurtful, he said:

“I don’t give an (expletive) about feelings anymore. I’m seventy-(expletive)-eight. I went to Vietnam to fight for all this. Do you think I care about some (expletive’s) feelings? Absolutely not,” Sucher told them.

Author: Jacob Hall