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We told you last month about the Gay-Straight Alliance group at Waukee Northwest High School hosting a “Blind Dates with a Queer Book” event in the school library to celebrate Coming Out Day and LGBTQ+ History Month. The story was first reported by the school’s student newspaper — The 10th St. Times. We’d link to the story on the 10th St. Times website, but for some reason the student paper hasn’t put that story online. It can be found on page 12 of this online PDF version of the magazine.

While the Waukee Northwest 10th St. Times has since sent The Iowa Standard a letter “demanding” we “immediately” cease the use and distribution of all “infringing works derived” from its article, we wanted to highlight some of the titles that the library promoted through this event. The student paper wasn’t happy we did not receive their “permission” to report on their reporting.

Keep in mind the books were wrapped in rainbow coverings with just a brief description of the book taped to it. We asked the Waukee School District what books were included in the event. One of them is a book we have previously written about called “Flamer.”

The story follows a character who is at camp between middle school and high school. Here is a scene from this book, available in Waukee Northwest High School, covered and included in the “Blind Dates with a Queer Book” event…

The character is looking for Elias at camp. Elias, though, is in a tent with a couple of other campers. They tell the character they’re “takin’ care of business.”

When he asks if he can enter, they tell him he is too young

“No, I’m not!” the character says.

“Fine, but you’ll have to prove it,” Elias says.

Upon entering the tent, the character realizes what “takin’ care of business” means.

“We’re each busting a load into this bottle. If you don’t cum, you have to drink it! hahahaha!”

The character harkens back to when he learned about masturbation. He found a tape behind the TV while everyone else was gone.

“It was exciting to see boobs and butts. But this time, it was different. I could see…everything. People were doing things that I didn’t even know were possible, or even…allowed?

Again, the character is between middle school and high school. He found this video a couple of years earlier. And he said he started watching his dad’s porn “a lot.”

“Eventually, I stumbled upon…a surprise sensations.

Back at camp, the character left the tent and returned to his own. He admitted it was gross and wrong, but notes he feels so excited.

So not only is this book available at Waukee Northwest High School, it was included in a “blind date with a queer book” event hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance group.

With the books wrapped up and titles not given — just brief descriptions — it would be interesting to know how this was described.

As reported by the 10th St. Times, the leaders of the event hoped to “inspire students to look past the cover and name of stories and try out queer books without the stigma that normally surrounds them.”

The school librarian, a person called Tara Rechkemmer, said it is “completely free choice” when it comes to the library.

“It is up to the student to decide what book is right for them and what book is not right for them,” Rechkemmer said.

The goal of the event was to “show the nuance of queer books and how many of their core concepts and ideas fit into common genres.” In addition, the GSA hoped the event gave the Waukee community a “much better and healthier insight” into the LGBTQ community.

Here are some reviews of “Flamer” available online:

“Is this real? What alternate universe are we living in where young boys creaming into a mt dew bottle and making another kid drink it is deemed to be children’s reading material…?

This has nothing to do with being gay or straight. It has everything to do with what is acceptable for kids to read. If the story was about a group of boys squirting in a cup and having a little girl drink it, would that be met with applause and praise? Highly highly doubtful.

It’s sad that simply accepting people for who they are has turned into needing to accept any and all behaviors at every age. Consenting adults can do whatever they want. Everyone has become so terrified of possibly offending another group and getting canceled that it’s like everything has to now be celebrated. I could probably write a children’s love story about a boy who plows his pet goat every night and I’d win a pulitzer these days. Can’t offend the zoophiles you know.

The really disturbing thing is that this author and some others feel like this type of story connects with the teenage experience. I also grew up in the 90s. I also drank mt dew. That’s where the similarities end. Thankfully.

It’s too bad that he had such a messed up childhood that he thinks that’s “part of growing up”.”


As suggested in our public library….i can’t believe that this garbage is allowed in schools.

Sexual book not suited for children.

And another…

I researched as this book was found by a THIRD GRADER in a local elementary school library.
I am appalled this book seems to ENCOURAGE homosexuality affirmation from strangers (which Noone has a problem with) rather than encouraging youth to seek guidance from family, community members who KNOW them. This is ‘Grooming 101’

And another…

Shocking all of these 5/4 star reviews. Insanity. Boys blowing loads in bottles? Seriously…

And one more…

This is a horrible and disturbing book for kids it should be removed so that no child sees the disgusting pages of pedophilia etc.. I give this book 0 stars but had to at least put one

OK, one more…

How is Amazon selling child pornography?

OK, one last…

Straight up child porn

Author: Jacob Hall


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