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It is astonishing what the city of Boston is planning to require of its citizens — including children — beginning in early 2022. Astonishing doesn’t really do it justice. Disturbing. Sick. Wrong. Unconstitutional.

But it isn’t unique to Boston. Employer vaccine mandates, school vaccine mandates, government vaccine mandates, business vaccine mandates — they’re all insane.


Who knew we’d get so far so fast. This. Is. Nuts.

But here is what I cannot quite figure out — how did this happen so fast?

It wasn’t too long ago that most Americans — not all, but most. I’m speculating around 80 percent, would have stood up and said “NO” to such vaccine requirements. And not just the unvaccinated Americans, but ALL Americans.

Coworkers would have stood up for their coworkers unwilling to be forced to receive an injection. Relatives would not have restricted their holiday gatherings to “vaccinated only,” they would’ve stood side by side with their unvaccinated aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, cousins, moms, dads, etc.

Vaccinated shoppers would have quit doing business with companies requiring all customers receive an injection others do not want.

It simply would not have been tolerated. The free market would have corrected it. The mandates never would have worked because they would have killed those businesses and employers implementing them.

Throughout history, Americans have defended those experiencing injustice. And it is difficult to imagine a more glaring example of an injustice in America over the last century.

Where is the American spirit of standing up for individual liberty? You know, the old “give me liberty or give me death” crowd. The sacrificing of our “lives, treasure and sacred honor” for the chance to be free.

Even if someone is vaccinated, how can they stand idly by and keep showing up for work when their unvaccinated coworkers are being coerced or fired for not accepting the jab? When did Americans dispose of camaraderie and embrace communism?

I hope those who are vaccinated step back and really think about this. There is no way previous generations would have allowed this to happen to their relatives, their children, their coworkers, their neighbors — their fellow Americans.


Because freedom mattered. Liberty mattered. The individual mattered.

There is no doubt that all three of those things are undervalued in today’s education system. Now it’s all about the “greater good.” The “common good.” The “collective.”

The last thing many in power want is rugged individualism. Well, and people who think for themselves.

A year ago I think we thought we had plenty of time to make our arguments and sort this out before the next “pandemic” hit. We figured all the mandatory masking was as far as they’d go with this COVID deal.

But we were wrong. They kept pushing. They’re still pushing.


Because not enough have pushed back. Not necessarily for themselves, but for their neighbors. The idea of individual dignity and self-worth is dying a sudden, quick death in America.

Please, if you are a vaccinated person, stop and consider the consequences.

Maybe you had no reservations about this injection, but you might when it comes to the next. Or when it comes to the next freedom they decide to take from you. There are not going to be “more” people willing to stand with you next time if not enough stand this time.

Every generation has to decide what kind of country it wants to leave for future generations. Every generation has to step up to the threat to freedom of their generation. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not.

This one is obvious. Maybe you’re willing to trade the medical freedom of others for some sort of faux security or safety you think this COVID injection provides. But know that there will come a time where either you or your bloodline loses additional freedoms. And it will all be because you surrendered medical freedom at this time.


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