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Randy Feenstra has been on Twitter since May of 2009. But any tweets from before he announced he is running for Congress were deleted.


That’s 10 years of tweets that were intentionally erased from the record. What would prompt such a decision? Why not just lock down the account and start a new one for the congressional campaign?

Feenstra is working hard to convince voters that he’s in lockstep with President Donald Trump. For instance:

But there is reason to question if that’s the case. Feenstra’s inner circle of GOP establishment supporters include NeverTrumpers.

We wrote extensively about that here. Here is a reminder:

So we know what the GOP establishment that backs Feenstra thought of Trump. But what did Feenstra think of Trump?

While the pre-congressional campaign tweets were deleted, a newsletter from Feenstra that included his thoughts about Trump still exists.

“However, I think (Trump) is a bit of a novelty act,” Feenstra wrote.

A stroll through Feenstra’s Facebook page of 2016 also turns up nothing on Trump. Nothing positive, nothing negative. Nothing about the 2016 campaign period.

After Walker dropped out, Feenstra endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, who eventually won the Iowa Caucus. In 2012, Feenstra was an endorser of Tim Pawlenty. In 2008, he was a Mitt Romney supporter.

Reservations on a Trump presidency were certainly fair and warranted, however, it is hard to know if Feenstra will be in lockstep with Trump when the brains behind his campaign are such anti-Trump Republicans.

Other large donors to Feenstra’s campaign include Donna and Jim Stephenson. The Stepensons live in Atlanta, GA. Each donated $2,500 to Feenstra’s campaign for a total of $5,000.

Jim Stephenson served as chair for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago. He has advocated for a federal gas tax hike.

“It’s not just good business, it’s good politics,” he said.

It’s well known that the Chamber is also an advocate for immigrant workers. Currently, the Chamber calls for:

  • Protect Dreamers, TPS recipients, and employment-authorized H-4 dependent spouses from losing their work authorization.
  • Enact much-needed improvements to our nation’s border security efforts.
  • Seek cap increases and other reforms to employment-based visa programs to provide employers with the ability to meet their workforce needs in a timely manner.
  • Encourage oversight of administrative actions that hinder the ability of employers to hire or continue employing legal immigrant workers.
  • Promote international tourism to the U.S. by extending Visa Waiver Program membership to critical U.S. allies, expanding Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler programs, and increasing the number of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at our nation’s ports of entry to make the inspection process for all travelers more efficient.

In 2018, the Chamber demanded amnesty for more than 1 million illegal aliens. In the same article, the Chamber rejects proposals to cut future immigration levels, saying they “would be devastating to our economy.”

Late last month Feenstra was criticized for the $100,000 Main Street PAC was going to throw behind his campaign. Main Street PAC has a legislative priority of passing Red Flag gun laws. The PAC also made a $5,000 contribution directly to Feenstra’s campaign.