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The Iowa Standard has contacted each Republican legislator in the Iowa House asking if they support the abortion neutrality amendment. The proposed amendment needs to pass two general assemblies of the Iowa Legislature and then survive a vote of the people.

It doesn’t restrict any abortions at all, it simply says the Iowa Constitution does not provide a right to an abortion or taxpayer funding of abortion.

The following lists will be updated as we hear back from legislators or find public comments that indicate support for the amendment.

The following state legislators have expressed support for the bill by either offering public comments or by sponsoring the legislation: (23/53)

Rep. John Wills
Rep. Skyler Wheeler
Rep. Phil Thompson
Rep. Jeff Shipley
Rep. Mike Sexton
Rep. Sandy Salmon
Rep. Anne Osmundson
Rep. Tom Moore
Rep. Shannon Lundgren
Rep. John Landon
Rep. Tom Jeneary
Rep. Jon Jacobsen
Rep. Steve Holt
Rep. Dustin Hite
Rep. Chris Hagenow
Rep. Stan Gustafson
Rep. Tom Gerhold
Rep. Tedd Gassman
Rep. Dean Fisher
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck
Rep. Brian Best
Rep. Terry Baxter
Rep. Rob Bacon

The following legislators voted in support of the bill in committee: (6/53)

Rep. Michael Bergan
Rep. Megan Jones
Rep. Jarad Klein
Rep. Brian Lohse
Rep. Joe Mitchell
Rep. Ross Paustian

The following legislators we have not heard from: (24/53)

Rep. Louie Zumbach – voted against the Heartbeat bill –
Rep. Dave Maxwell – voted against the Heartbeat bill –
Rep. Lee Hein – voted against the Heartbeat bill –
Rep. Jane Bloomingdale – voted against the Heartbeat bill –
Rep. Gary Worthan –
Rep. Matt Windschitl –
Rep. Linda Upmeyer –
Rep. Jon Thorup –
Rep. Ray Sorensen –
Rep. David Sieck –
Rep. Norlin Mommsen –
Rep. Gary Mohr –
Rep. Ann Meyer –
Rep. David Kerr –
Rep. Bobby Kaufmann –
Rep. Dan Huseman –
Rep. Ashley Hinson –
Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa –
Rep. Pat Grassley –
Rep. Joel Fry –
Rep. Dave Deyoe –
Rep. Gary Carlson –
Rep. Holly Brink –
Rep. Jacob Bossman –