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As America wages war on the deadly Coronavirus, President Trump announced last night that he will temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.

Nearly 80 percent of Americans support this common-sense measure to protect our country, according to a recent USA Today/Ipsos poll. At a time when most Americans are discouraged from all nonessential travel within our borders, it is responsible and fair to limit travel across those borders, as well.

The political class doesn’t do common sense, however. Democrat “leaders” such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine joined CNN pundits in attacking the decision. They couldn’t make any case against it, of course: It’s tough to argue that borders should be open while American citizens are locked down. So they just made up insults instead.

Sen. Warren accused the President of “racism” and “xenophobia”—exactly what Democrat leaders did when President Trump restricted travel from China in January.

Democrats were wrong at the start of this crisis, and they’re wrong now. Unlike the left, President Trump will take every action necessary to protect the American people.

Both lives and livelihoods are at stake. At a time when many people are out of work because of Coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to protect jobs for our citizens. Mass immigration risks hurting the wages of blue-collar workers, multiple studies show. As these Americans look to bounce back from the Coronavirus pandemic, our leaders must help them in every way possible.

President Trump is doing it. There’s still time for Democrat leaders to join him.

Press Secretary: Even Paul Krugman knows that immigration lowers wages.


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