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The Senate heard closing arguments Monday on House Democrats’ sham impeachment.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his team claim their case is as simple as “two plus two equals four.” But nothing in their phony impeachment adds up—unless the math is 0+0=0.

Roll the tape: None of this began with a phone call.

After trying to impeach this President for over 3 years, here is their “case”:

  • Zero crimes. Forget “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” which the Constitution requires to impeach and remove a sitting President. Democrats’ weak articles of impeachment don’t include any alleged criminal violations at all. It’s the first impeachment in American history based on no crimes, only policy disputes.
  • Zero wrongdoing. No matter how much House Democrats tried to rig the process, the facts remain the same: The President did nothing wrong. At the core of their impeachment hoax is a simple disagreement about when potential corruption should be investigated and when it shouldn’t be. (Hint: If it involves a Democrat, they say it isn’t worth looking into!)
  • Result: Zero bipartisan support. Democrat leaders couldn’t make their case, so their impeachment made history in a second way: It’s the first one without any bipartisan support. In fact, the only bipartisanship was against their articles.

For good measure, there are a few other important “zeroes,” too. One is the zero pressure felt by Ukraine stemming from any alleged quid pro quo. “Nobody pushed—pushed me,” President Zelenskyy said.

Another is the fact that no quid pro quo happened at all: Ukraine received all of its aid on time with zero investigations announced. President Trump and President Zelenskyy met at the UN General Assembly in New York with no preconditions, as well.

Since nothing Democrats allege actually took place, their case to remove a sitting President—and throw him off the ballot entirely, preventing reelection by taking the choice away from American voters—rests purely on their own imaginations.

The facts are clear. House Democrats’ partisan impeachment stunt has exposed a real threat to the Constitution, but they won’t find that threat by continuing to attack and obstruct President Trump. They’ll find it by looking in the mirror.

In photos: While Democrats impeach, President Trump replaces NAFTA.

Something to share: President Trump works for you, not Democrat leaders


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