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So, I originally titled this piece “Why do ‘Christian Democrats’ keep voting against the best interest of Christianity.”

Then I re-read it. And I took out the word “best.”


Today’s Democrat Party does not have the interest of Christianity at heart. Or anywhere else, for that matter, other than maybe the guillotine.

I know, I know. President Donald J. Trump says mean things, is brash, sometimes harsh and too blunt. He hurts your feelings.

So, you have no choice but to vote for the “nice guy.” Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

First, and I always say this, Christians do not have to vote for a Republican either. There are plenty of Republicans out there who may not be worth voting for. I know for some Trump’s ad proclaiming his administration as the most pro-LGBTQ administration in U.S. history was too much.

I get that.

But most so-called “Christians” who vote for Biden don’t do it because Trump portrays himself as the most pro-LGBTQ President ever, they do it because they’ve adopted the sola feels doctrine.

Reality, though, bites. And the reality is the Democrats in this country have never been as anti-God, anti-Christian and anti-America as they are today.



There is an indisputable effort by many in the church and at “Christian” Higher Education institutions to further the liberal agenda. And that makes sense. Liberals, Regressives (no, they’re not progressives) whatever you want to call them own education, they own pop culture, they own Hollywood, they own the media — and they’re getting closer every year to conquering the Church.

The traditional family and the Church are the only two institutions that take on liberal regressivism. This is why the constant assault on both are on display daily in this country.

So, I want to take a minute to be absolutely clear — this is what “Christian Democrats” voted for if they voted for Joe Biden:

*The Equality Act: A bill that will allow that 40-year old dude who thinks he is a woman to use the bathroom stall next to your 6-year old daughter. A bill that will allow biological boys to compete on female athletic teams. A bill that may lead to judges removing children from their parents if mom and dad do not allow the child to undergo gender transition treatment. A bill that will go a long way in uprooting the pieces of religious liberty we have left.

*Increased, continued, legal slaughter of unborn babies: Abortion rights will only increase under Biden. Late-term abortion. Taxpayer-funded abortion. Any and all abortions will be celebrated by the Left’s base.

*Christian colleges, schools at risk: We just told you about the Human Rights Campaign’s demands for Biden to take away accreditation from Christian colleges and schools. All of these intellectual liberal regressive teaching at Christian colleges have no idea what they’ve done.

There are other aspects of Christianity that the liberal regressives cannot tolerate. Well, pretty much all aspects actually.

But those are three big ones.

And for what? Socialism? Universal healthcare? Open borders?

Things that are not even clear biblical mandates at all.

Yet these “Christian Democrats” continue to vote Democrat because of, you guessed it, their feelings.

Perhaps the most ironic part of it all is that President Trump’s claim to Christianity wasn’t really significant when he ran four years ago. He had a lot of convincing to do when it came to social conservatives.

A lot.

Some he still hasn’t convinced. Again, I get that.

But Biden. I mean, Biden. Biden comes with a huge expansion of abortion, LGBTQ everything and an assault on any Christian institution anywhere.

The Left booed God at its convention not that long ago. They removed Him from the pledge multiple times. They tremble at the mention of our national motto.

How do the “Christian Democrats” not see where this is all headed? That is, how do they not see the certain persecution that is on the horizon?

We’ve seen it. We’ve seen it already. We saw how they degraded Amy Coney Barrett because she is a Catholic — which is ironic because Joe Biden would LOVE us all to believe he too is a Catholic.

We saw how they treated Mike Pence’s wife for teaching at a Christian school.

We know what is coming. We see it. It is clear as day.

Yet “Christian Democrats” are too busy trying to manage their feelings.

It is a true 2 Timothy 4 moment.

Here is the deal “Christian Democrats” need to understand — we know who wins in the end. And it isn’t going to be the people cheering for sex-change surgeries for minors, killing unborn babies and attempting to force Christians to abandon their convictions in the public sphere.

Perhaps they should stop feeling and open their eyes to what is so obvious. There is a real spiritual war taking place in our country.

And “Christian Democrats” are not on the right side of it.

Author: Jacob Hall


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