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A lot of our attention right now is on the LGBTQ+ movement and its aggressive pursuit of innocent children. There are typically four groups of people:

  1. Are extremely concerned about this issue.
  2. Support the radical LGBTQ+ movement’s aggressive pursuit of kids.
  3. Legitimately do not care one way or the other.
  4. Concerned, but not sure it matters more than the fragile economy.

I’m sure there are way more groups than that, but those were the four that came to me off the top of my head. I think everyone knows which crowd I fit into.

I would argue few things matter more than this. What we’re seeing happen across the country is an organized, orchestrated effort to force people to reject what they know to be true.

Something as true as biology — a person with a penis is a boy and a person with a vagina is a girl.

Something that we’ve adhered to for thousands of years. Something that is relatively obvious.

And there is now a movement demanding that we ignore and reject what we know to be true.

If a movement can force you to call a boy a girl, or a girl a boy, then what can it not do?

How does society function when society cannot agree on the definition of terms?

And this is the grand-scheme-of-things approach. Now think about the micro-level concerns that should be a result from the LGBTQ+ movement’s aggressive pursuit of kids.

They’re confusing the heck out of the kids. They’re going after the kids. They’re not going to convince people who have brains that are already pretty well fully developed. People who aren’t willing to go along with anyone else’s fantasy. People who know what a woman is. And when I say people who know what a woman is, I mean people who may not even be a biologist.

But they are planting ideas in the minds of children that do not belong there. They do not lead to a positive outcome. They are 100 percent intentionally confusing kids. And then, they hold a goal of making it illegal to let those confused kids go talk to a licensed healthcare professional unless that licensed healthcare professional will affirm their confusion.

And when these ideas are put into a child’s mind inside of a public school — it is the taxpayer who is funding this crisis.

If our society cannot define what a woman is, if we cannot agree on what a man is, then we’re going to have a heck of a time making much else work.

It isn’t far away that workplaces will likely require employees to use preferred pronouns of others — or else.

So people will be faced with a choice — recognize or reject the truth that is basic biology.

Perhaps this issue doesn’t matter to you, but I struggle to understand how it cannot. Every day there is new video from a drag show with children being exposed to some pretty messed up stuff. There are drag queens reading library books to kids. There are books inside schools that contain pornography and, if you question it, you are the problem. Schools are working with students to create gender plans — without letting parents know.

If we allow these things to continue, what will we be talking about 10 years from today that we can’t even imagine?

Heck, 10 years ago our country was debating whether we should redefine marriage. A decade later that same movement is now working to redefine biology.

Nobody 10 years ago would have predicted we’d be where we are today. Nobody.

Yet here we are.

And if we do not draw the line in the sand and keep the movement from going further, we’ll find ourselves engaged in another debate we’d never imagine we would have to have.

Why does this stuff matter? Because any good and just society protects it kids — it doesn’t pervert them. As a society, we should strive to produce a healthy next generation. That is not what this movement will result in.

Much to the contrary. We have to stand up for these kids. We have to stand up for basic, simple truths such as a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.



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