Woke Johnston principal Woods continues defense of book promoting masturbation

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The Johnston High School Black & White staff published a story about questioning some of the curriculum used in the district. It was pretty weak in terms of details and substance.

For example, it summarized “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” as a “first-person narrative novel about a 14-year-old Native American boy named Junior who leaves the Spokane Indian Reservation school to go to a nearly all-white school.”

It wouldn’t have been difficult for Noah Gilbert, the editor-in-chief, to simply share the portion of the book that has come under fire. Unless, of course, the language used in the book isn’t suitable for publication for the Johnston Black & White folks.

Here is the excerpt:

“I spend hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has 1,000 pictures of naked movie stars: Naked woman + right hand = happy, happy, joy, joy.

“Yep, that’s right, I admit that I masturbate. I’m proud of it. I’m good at it. I’m ambidextrous. If there were a Professional Masturbators League, I’d get drafted number one and make millions of dollars.

“And maybe you’re thinking, ‘well, you really shouldn’t be talking about masturbation in public.’ Well, tough, I’m going to talk about it because EVERYBODY does it. And EVERYBODY likes it.

“And if God hadn’t wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn’t have given us thumbs. So I thank God for my thumbs.”

Woke principal Ryan Woods called the challenging of the books a “phenomenon happening across the metro.”

“It is fairly unique but it’s happening right now,” Woods said. “When teachers were picking out resources, we saw a lot of traditional, conservative, white authors and main characters. So the goal was to bring in more multicultural, multiracial, cultural authors, characters, all those things, so our students would see themselves in their literature.”

Woods was said to not be able to read the excerpt from the book about masturbation out loud in front of parents. He also was accused of being “casual and standoffish” when confronted by a parent and student about an incident involving masturbation during a class.

“He didn’t apologize to me for this happening in his building until my mom had to shame him into it,” the student said. “No one asked how I was. The student has been in class every single day since. There’s been no concern from administration and no apparent punishment.”

Sad that a father of two could be so wreckless with the materials used to corrupt other peoples’ kids.

Author: Jacob Hall


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