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Another insidious idea from the poisonous Left is taking hold, brought to you by the same people who infected schools with critical race theory.

Assisted suicide is on the increase in several places.  The number of people asking for government help to kill themselves is on the rise most recently in Quebec, British Columbia, and other parts of Canada.  This follows increases in Oregon and Washington State.

Assisted suicide advocates will tell you making all of us in the body politic complicit in suicide is the compassionate thing to do, but the truth is the Left has found another way to target vulnerable populations.  Pressuring people to kill themselves and offering them the means to do so is an excellent way to get rid of the elderly, people with dementia, the disabled, infants who are born less than perfect, and the mentally infirm.  All of whom are more bothersome and costly to deal with and, therefore, threaten the financial viability of government social programs which the Left uses to buy votes and ensconce themselves in power.

The disabled will tell you they resent very much being pressured to kill themselves and are perfectly capable of contributing to society.  I wonder what the infants would say about their lives being taken from them in the name of compassion.  Too bad we can’t ask them.

Speaking of compassion, this whole business started with the idea assisted suicide would give people a way out of intractable pain.  That rationale was destroyed with advances in modern pain medicine, so the Left moved on to other rationales like ‘unbearable suffering’ – whatever that is – and ‘completed lives’ – we think your time is up.  But if intractable pain is your concern, you should know assisted suicide can be a long, protracted, and horrible death.

A Colorado man choked and coughed after every sip of the lethal cocktail.   It took him eight hours to die, greatly upsetting the nurse helping him who was expecting a peaceful ‘transition’.    He got off easy; some people suffer for four days before they finally pass on.  Betcha didn’t know that, did you?  Even if it looks like a peaceful death, the lungs can fill up with fluid making the death – with no outward sign of distress – similar to drowning.   They keep looking for a better mousetrap, but some of them make people scream in pain.  So much for ‘death with dignity’.   Maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll experiment on you.

There’s more insidiousness, but I’ve given you enough to think about today.  I’ll be back to this subject, because the Left never quits, so the controls on assisted suicide loosen over time, and it’s getting harder and harder to cover up all the bad stuff that goes on in this subject.

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