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The Democrats and the Left were on their high horse yesterday, yammering on about how January 6th was as bad as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Holocaust.  Talk about over-the-top, overheated rhetoric, that takes the cake.  Walking into the Capitol when the police opened the doors and let people in, that’s somehow like the Nazis sticking six million Jews into ovens?  Who are they kidding?  They are preaching to us about morality, so let’s take a look at what these people are really like, shall we?  Let’s expose their methods.

Democrat operatives were caught in a sting video talking about paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies.


The Democrats tried to hoodwink people into thinking their original Build Back Better bill would only cost $3.5 trillion dollars.  But then all their accounting gimmicks were exposed and now we know it’s really trillions more.

They’re dishonest about the way they regulate.  For example, first they institute a standard for what’s considered lead poisoning in children.  Then they tighten the standard which allows them to tighten the screws and regulate a lot more things supporters of the original standard never contemplated.  Regulatory sleight-of-hand.

The Left tried to make hay with fires in the Amazon forest, linking them to climate change.  But some of the fires were deliberately set by activists who being paid by an environmental group for taking pictures of fires.

A teacher in Iowa recently bragged about how she was getting around the state’s ban on teaching critical race theory (CRT) in schools.

Gun control advocates have been caught telling lies with statistics claiming, for example, gun deaths go down after background checks are instituted.  They cherry-picked the results.  Changing the time period slightly disproves the claim.

Their dishonesty in the service of phony narratives doesn’t stop there.  A professor at Florida State University faked his data in published studies, which journals later retracted, studies that misportrayed the role of race in criminal sentencing.

The left-wing AARP got sued for taking kickbacks on health insurance policies purchased by its members.

The Left created conservation easements to lock up as much rural area as possible, keeping it as pretty as a postcard and preventing any real agriculture from going on.  There are tax benefits for these easements, but the scam is to inflate the value of the land being placed under easement, thus inflating the tax benefits.  This incentivizes the placement of more land under easement.  See the machine the Left has created?  Pretty clever, but it’s all based on tax fraud.

Left-wing unions lost the fight at the Supreme Court over mandatory union dues, but that hasn’t stopped them or even slowed them down.  Later cases complain about the same thing and a hundred bills to get around the Supreme Court’s ruling have been introduced at the state level.

One way euthanasia activists gin up support for assisted suicide laws is to scare the old folks by telling them they will suffer mightily through a torturous death without assisted suicide.  Actually, just the opposite is true.  There are lots of horror stories about people lingering in pain and gasping for air for days after taking drugs that were supposed to kill them.

If you’re a Democrat or a Lefty listening to all this, you’re thinking right now all of these things are good because they help your side win and winning is the only thing.  Winning is the only morality.  But for normal people who still have a conscience, these things are not good.  They’re bad, and the people who do them are bad.  The ends do not justify the means.

This I know for sure:  We don’t need lectures on morality from the Democrats and the Left.  They don’t know the first thing about it.

I’m going to pick up with this on Monday, when I talk about abortion.  Now there’s a Holocaust for you.  Tune in Monday when I expose how the Democrats and the Left deal from the bottom of the deck in pushing abortion.

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