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A year ago, I wrote a commentary about how the Left was giving up its War on Christmas and was trying to convince people it had never started the War in the first place.  I haven’t seen any War on Christmas articles this year and I attribute that to how effective the political Right can be when it decides to fight back.

The Right is fighting back, now, in other areas, and winning.  Hate to break it to you Lefties, but you are NOT on the two-yard line and total victory is NOT in your grasp like you think.  You are losing on a number of fronts, starting with abortion.

Everybody knows the Left was smashed in the Dobbs case, but fewer people know about the pro-life flight attendant who sued Southwest Airlines for wrongful termination after she criticized her union president for taking part in the Women’s March.  The March was sponsored in part by Planned Parenthood.  A jury awarded the flight attendant $5 million and a judge ordered Southwest to rehire her.  In a new court fight, a Texas nurse sued to stop the Biden administration from turning VA hospitals into abortion clinics in violation of federal law.

Legal fights on other fronts are underway.  Two flight attendants sued Alaska Airlines for firing them for commenting that expanding federal law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity would raise religious liberty concerns.  Actor Kirk Cameron threatened to sue libraries that host drag queen story hour but won’t rent him a room on the same terms for a reading of his own children’s book about the Christian faith.  Writer Chris Rufo threatened to sue teachers’ union president Randi Weingarten if she does not retract a quote she fabricated regarding Rufo’s position on school choice.

One last fight on the legal front: state lawmakers in Texas plan to introduce legislation to allow district attorneys around the state to bring charges against people who provide abortions against state law where the local prosecutor has vowed not to act.

On other fronts, another piece of the ‘patriot economy’ is getting built.  We have seen conservatives start social media platforms, a mobile phone company, and even a shaving club.  Now comes country singer John Rich announcing the creation of a new bank for people worried about Woke banks punishing them for their political beliefs.  He pointed to the Canadian banks that froze the accounts of truckers who took part in protests against the COVID vaccine mandate.  He also cited PayPal which, earlier this year, started fining its customers for what PayPal deemed ‘misinformation’.

Another battleground is the minds of the young.  A Massachusetts mother worked with cult specialists to retrieve the mind of her daughter who went away to college and came back raving about the patriarchy, systems of oppression, and other leftist claptrap.  A women’s soccer player at Virginia Tech refused to kneel during the national anthem at games.  The coach benched her and verbally abused her, so she sued.  A high school football team in California was ordered by a local superintendent not to carry the Thin Blue Line flag onto the field for pregame ceremonies because it might upset some players on the team who don’t support law enforcement.  The team complied with the order for a few weeks, but then rebelled and reinstated the tradition.  Lastly, conservative students around the country – fed up with the dominant liberal line on their campuses – are starting their own college newspapers.

So you see, Leftists, you’re not even close to the goal line and won’t ever be.  They only way you can win is to make your stupid ideas ubiquitous and shut out all other voices.  But you will never succeed in controlling our thoughts.  There will always be people with common sense who see right through your insanity about abolishing prisons and 57 genders.  You are losing ground among blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, and the young.  The tide is turning; you just don’t know it yet.

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