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Attorney General Merrick Garland came in for some tough questioning on Capitol Hill yesterday, when he refused to retract his memo calling for the FBI to investigate parents who object to school board policies as domestic terrorists.  Senator Chuck Grassley accused Garland of politicizing the Justice Department and said the memo ”looks like something that would come out of a communist country.” “Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court,” Senator Tom Cotton said.

Garland may have demurred, but the fallout from the situation continues.  State school board associations in Ohio and Missouri severed ties with the National School Boards Association which wrote the letter that resulted in Garland’s memo, a letter the national group later apologized for.  Parents blasted the Loudon County, Virginia school board, which is ground zero in the whole controversy, for failing parents and students.  “We will not stand by while our children are being harmed, mentally, spiritually, and even now physically by your mismanagement, malfeasance and evil policies,” one dad – excuse me, ‘domestic terrorist’ – said.  Five former Virginia Attorneys General called for an investigation into the school board’s cover-up of transgender sexual assaults which occurred in county schools and were not reported as required by state law.  Hundreds of students walked out of Loudon schools earlier this week to protest the schools’ handling of the transgender assaults and to express solidarity with the victims.

Well, well, well – just when the Left thought it was within inches of completely smashing the political Right forever.  Not even close.  People are fighting back against left-wing tyranny on other fronts, as well.

Federal employees filed suit against the Biden administration, joining the growing ranks of people fighting back against tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates.

College alumni groups formed a free speech alliance this week to take on campus cancel culture.

Another alliance – Christian business owners – sued the Biden administration for attempting to force them to pay for gender transition surgery against their religious beliefs.

A Texas border county overrun by illegal aliens voted to sue the Biden administration for failing to enforce immigration laws – you know, that pesky little thing in the Constitution requiring the President to faithfully execute the laws?

Back on the school front, a parents group sued a Massachusetts school district for holding racially segregated events for students in violation of the Equal Protection clause.  A North Carolina school board announced it would fire teachers who teach critical race theory (CRT) and trash America as racist.  And parents sued a school board near Philadelphia for silencing, shouting down, and badgering them at school board meetings.

You lefties like memos?  I’ll give you a memo: you’re on the wrong track and people aren’t putting up with your tyranny, anymore.  Capture all the institutions you want, we are building new ones and you will never subdue us.  We are the uncrackable nut that represents the American founding and the ideas that made this country great.  You, on the other hand, have no foundation, you’re making it up as you go along.  You will never defeat us, we’re just getting started, so you might as well give up now. So shut your stupid traps and Stay Home.

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