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I predicted two weeks ago the Glasgow climate conference wouldn’t amount to much, and I was right.  It was billed as the “last chance” to save humanity, but it ended with China and India teaming up to water down language calling for phasing out the use of coal.  The final language talks about how coal will be ‘phased down’, not ‘out’.

So there were two skunks at this garden party, but it was all completely foreseeable when you remember both China and India are building coal-fired power plants like crazy.  Estimates vary, but China is building at least 95  new coal plants and India is building 28.  You can add to that 23 more in Indonesia and dozens elsewhere.  Add it all up and you get 195 new coal plants being built around the world, as we speak.

China already has over a thousand coal plants.  India ranks second with 281, the U.S. third with 252, and 475 in the next nine countries combined.  No wonder U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said in January the U.S. could go to zero carbon emissions tomorrow and it wouldn’t make any difference, not when 90 percent of global emissions come from outside the U.S.

Speaking of John Kerry, we were treated during the conference to the pathetic spectacle of him desperate to get a deal, any kind of deal, with China.  The deal he got is big on hifalutin talk about ‘thinking big’ and ‘shouldering responsibility’, but short on specifics.  China pledged to decrease its coal use.  Good luck with that when China’s 95 new coal plants come on line.  If we didn’t know Kerry’s ‘deal’ was worthless when it was announced, we certainly knew it when China and India watered down the final conference agreement.  And for this worthless piece of paper Kerry explicitly stated he was willing to overlook China’s use of slave labor to produce solar panels.  Swell guy.

Did the conferees act like climate change is a crisis?  No.  In addition to watering down the final language, the conferees made more worthless pledges to double the amount rich nations will pay poor nations for climate change.  Which doesn’t mean a whole lot when you consider developed countries reneged on a previous pledge to deliver $100 billion in climate payments per year to developing countries by 2020.  Meanwhile, the actions promised at the conference are insufficient to meet the conferee’s own goal of keeping the planet from warming more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.   No matter.  John Kerry declared mission accomplished, peace with honor, don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

I’ve said many times I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they act like it’s a crisis.  They’re not acting like it and, therefore, have failed to make the case it really is a crisis.   Yet Kerry & Friends want to turn the U.S. upside down to tilt at windmills.  Kerry says the U.S. won’t have coal-fired power plants by 2030.  Looks like former President Obama’s ‘war on coal’ has resumed.  One of Joe Biden’s nominees said she wants coal and oil companies to go bankrupt to fight climate change.

The inmates are running the asylum.  They’re chasing unicorns starting with the whole bogus notion of human-induced climate change, but this is what they’re really talking about: cutting your energy use by 90 percent, stopping economic growth entirely, keeping you from traveling, cutting your food by a third, and only allowing you to buy 9 pounds of clothing a year.  Is that what you want?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this isn’t about the climate.  It’s about making you poor and keeping you under their thumb.  Obama said he would give up a lot of his lifestyle to fight climate change.  OK, you go first.  When Obama and Kerry follow the climate crowd’s advice to own nothing and be happy about it, I will gladly follow suit.   Until they do, they should just stop flapping their gums.  It’s annoying.

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